The sweetest sound in the world!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My favourite thing to hear in the world, and the thing i think is the sweetest sound ever... Is the laugh of a young child or baby. It makes me feel super duper happy and makes me wet myself laughing.
Especially when it is my little bitty baby brother Asha, who is now 7 months old!! (Where did that time go!?) It is my favourite video EVER!!

Thank you Asha for providing me with the perfect 'pick-me-up' to make me feel heaps better when i feel sad or down!!!

Warning: You hear my voice & laughing a lot in the video as well, so apologies for that!! But it is too cute not to share :)

Apologies for the quality- it was taken on my phone, as we were in the car waiting for mum in a shop :)

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The Kings said...

sooooooo cute!

~ fiona j harding ~ said... the end of that I was cracking up too.

By the way, if you shook a bottle of water in my face and made those funny noises, I'd wet myself laughing at you, so no wonder Asha is.
Thanks for sharing :)

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