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Thursday, July 22, 2010

On Monday Lisa Kobe and I went to muck around and take photos. It was absolutely freezing and there was a layer of fog, which proved to be a cool look for our photos :)

Kobe was such a crack up, knowing exactly what to do for a photo- hardly even needing to be asked. The photos are in a random order because blogger wont let me arange them today =P

Lisa and Kobe look sooo cute together, and are both easy to take photos of as they are both beautiful :)

When Lisa went to the loo Kobe and I were playing on the exercise equiptment and this man pulled up and was watching us. He was giving us funny looks and i couldn't figure out why. I then realised as we were walking Kobe was walking next to me swinging his arms saying "Mum, mum, mum, mum" over and over. I wasn't thinking about WHAT he was actually saying and just saying "Yeah" to him and talking with him, telling him we were walking to the playground to play. The man had his window open and was looking out at us (and could obviously hear us) and obviously thought Kobe was my kid! It had me cracking up, as when Lisa came back he was SO confused as Kobe was calling her mum (like it looked he had been calling me a few minutes before) ... He probably thought we were some weird lesbian couple or something! Oh it made me laugh! :)

I absolutely LOVE this photo below that i took of Kobe when Lisa was in the loo. He is on exercise equiptment with his tongue out- just like his mum at the gym! ;) It is my absolute favourite from the whole day :)

Lisa taught me how to get "down low", and had me laying on the wet, freezing board walk to take some photos. I must say that the ones i took like that are my favourites from the whole day.

I must admit i read my manual AFTER i took this photo and now know to "get on eye level" with the subject you are taking a photo of...

I still think this one is cute though.

I love this one of Lisa & Kobe grinning at each other. It makes me smile :)

Kobe was so funny saying "jump jump" and trying to jump in time with Lisa.

Kobe was too cute to look tough at the skate park... especially with his bubbles :)

It was lots of fun!

Lisa and I crack ourselves up... Usually we aren't even funny, and if anyone else was around us they would just roll their eyes!
We make each other laugh (usually it's one of us laughing AT the other!) ... We are a bit silly and get the giggles for no reason! Especially when we're editing photos (maybe a combination of lack of sleep and chocolate!?). When Lisa is teaching me she puts on her "teacher voice" which makes me laugh at her, and she is constantly saying (in her VERY serious teacher voice) "Makayla- LISTEN!" and then we both end up laughing and i have no idea what she was teaching me how to do!! Haha :)
It was heaps of fun :)

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The Kings said...

Fun! Getting down at eye level IS good, but so is going above the person or below - whatever works I say :) I like doing lots above people while they are looking up.

L!$@ said...

These are awesome pics Makayla!! Love it!!

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