I am NOT sick!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I have had a cough since last Sunday, and it is steadily getting worse. It has become chestier (if that's a word!) over the last week... And since today it has started sounding horrible!!!
Today I feel very yukky- the opposite of last night when i felt as healthy as a horse (Lisa i wasn't feeling like this at your house!!)

Today my chest is feeling tight and VERY sore! Around my windpipe area and down the middle of my chest. I hesitate to say at my lungs because i refuse to believe that it is bronchitis or a chest infection!!! (I know Bronchitis is a form of a chest infection- as is pneumonia)
I have had really bad headaches everyday, and i was vomiting last Thursday night- all symptoms of something horrible like a chest infection or bronchitis!!!!

I refuse to believe i am sick!
I have exam study week next week & exams the week after!!!

And that is Monday!!

***Proper blog post tomorrow or the next day when i have time, as i have something totally AWESOME to share, that no amount of exams or feeling yukky is going to ruin!! :) ***

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The Kings said...

oh no!!! I had no clue. Hope you are okay.

Anonymous said...

Brother Mike Moores recommmends tucking yourself up in bed with a nice mug of warm Ribena!!! At least that's what he recommended Phyllis do last Sunday as she has the same thing!!


Nettie's Blog said...

you had better start taking notice of what your body is telling you...,go and get some medication NOW and take at least 3-5 thousand milligrams of Vitamin C tabs everyday to knock it on the head now....
Have you had a blessing???
Get better soon...

The Jacks said...

Thanks Ali,
But i think a warm cup of Milo on the way out the door to school is the way to go :)
Lisa- i wasn't feeling like it until Monday morning, was fine on Sunday night.
Nettie- i had a blessing last week when i was vomiting..

~ fiona j harding ~ said...

Boo sickness.
Go away!

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