Monday, July 5, 2010

On the weekend Mum, Morgan, Asha and I went to Hobart. Mum went down for a babyshower so thought we would like to come too.
We watched Eclipse at Gold Class which was AWESOME! And went shopping. We were also planning on going to Hogs Breath for dinner but ended up being too tired and got a pizza and ate it in the hotel instead.

Asha is so much bigger everytime i see him. He is easy for me to take photos of so apologies for how many are of him, he's just too cute :)

We stayed at Ridges, which was very nice and very clean. We had a breakfast package and had a lovely hot breakfast each day. Yum! Morgan was in a bad mood one morning and went for fresh air on the balcony. We couldn't resist locking her outside just long enough to take a photo. Haha- sorry Morgan!

Mum's bed folded into the wall and Morgan thought it would be a good idea to fold it up! It was until she couldn't get it back down! Obviously i wasn't much help laughing, holding Asha and taking photos =P

We had some time to kill and decided to go through a car wash. Something Morgan and i hadn't done before so we were really excited =p Haha.

Asha was a bit freaked out and just stared out the window the whole time and didn't make a noise!!

While waiting for Morgan who was in a shop we sat Asha in the front seat to keep him quiet. He loved it!

To top it off Hobart now has Cold Rock ice cream! yum!
It was quite delicious... Until i was a pig and ate too much and felt sick!

It was a fun weekend and nice to go just us girls, and Asha. It was lovely to get away from school with it being so stressful with exams in two weeks!!!

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Anonymous said...

That cold rock, looks prime. they need one in launceston. Asha is soo cute, your photo's look awesome makayla. They arnt crap like your artwork. (BTW makayla's artwork isnt crap its just a personal joke between us) :)

This is from makayla's coolest friend, Sarah =) xx

The Kings said...

Awesome, awesome photos!!!! They are so much clearer with the new camera and you are getting good with the aperture too! :)
Asha is soooo cute.
Oh and I LOVE your new header - I'm recognising some books and mags on the shelf there :)

emjay1000 said...

Hey. cool weekend. You should put that video of asha on here that we took!

The Kings said...

LOVE, love, love your photos!!! They are so clear with the new camera and you are even getting tricky with playing with the apperture already! nice!!

LOVE the header too - I recognise some of those books and mags! :)

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