Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wow how fun is studying for exams!? NOT!! =P

We have 3 days of study next week, and exams start on the thursday. Lucky for me mine aren't until the next tuesday and thursday. A 3 hour exam for Psychology & Modern World History...
Art & English have folios instead so i only have two exams!! Yippee! :)

I will be so happy when i can return to normal life again. And post proper blog posts (Cant upload a single photo from grandad's!) about all the photos i have been taking with my camera.

This photo has nothing to do with studying- forgot to put the one i took onto my usb to bring to school to blog. This is a random photo from my usb. It is not edited, but is of course courtesy of Lisa King Images.

I am off facebook for 3 weeks so i can focus, and work towards good marks...

It will soon be over.. until end of year exams- in 12 weeks!!!
Then i am done! How scary!!!!!!

Wish me luck!!!! (I will definitely be needing it!)

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Nettie's Blog said...

we know you can do it...if you are off Facebook will you be off your blog tooo????

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