A day in my life...

Friday, July 16, 2010

So... here is what a typical week day of my life looks like..

My alarm is always set for around 6:30am... But because i am always up until around 11/12pm each night more often than not i hit the snooze button until it is 7:40am and by that time i have missed seminary and am running late for school... I usually get to school at about 8:45am- JUST at the second bell which means it is tutor (homeroom) time.

I get ready in my room, in front of my little heater as it is about -5 in my room in the mornings. (i usually only try to turn it on in the mornings to save power.)

I always listen to my Ipod as i am getting ready, i play some songs to set the tone for my day and get me in the right frame of mind and mood to face the day. My favourites for the morning are Kenneth Cope, Ben Lee and Taylor Swift. Although my VERY favourite song at the moment is "Smile" by Uncle Kracker-seriously look it up, it is amazing!

One of my very favourite classes is English Writing... It is a very demanding subject and requires a LOT of creativity but i love it. And i love that i have two of my best friends in that class- Rachel and Jasmine. We get the giggles a LOT (yes 18 and still get the giggles!) but we do get our work done... (I was sitting in between them today- for some reason we seem to get less work done when i do this.. hmm..:)

Our teacher for English Writing is Mrs Slevec. She is a crack up. We thought she was a bit mean last year- but she's actually great! She is very reasonable and understanding. She is very kind and also has a great sense of humour. (yes she reads my blog ;)
I told her she needed to pose for my blog so she did :) I promise she was only pretending to tell me off ;)

She thought it would be funny to pretend to hit me around the head for the photo and accidentally really hit me!! We were cracking up because we had it on camera! (She gave me permission to blog it:)

She then tried to make it better!!! Haha. She cracks me up!

We have this stupid inside joke between Rachel, Jasmine and I. One day we were walking to class and Rachel goes "oh i have to go get my bag, i left it in the library" .. and it turned into this massive crazy joke about how she is a huge nerd and goes to library all the time, and anytime one of the three of us isn't there we say they must be hanging in the library.. And if we ask each other if they want to do something after school, or on the weekend etc we answer "lets go hang at the library" .. So a picture of the infamous library was a must. Unfortunately we went to take one at recess when it is actually closed! So we were quite devastated (clearly =P)

Because it is sooo cold we always hang out in the "study room" at recess. It is a room for seniors only. We just chat, eat and usually finish last minute assignments :) We know everyone in there- and are friends with all of them, but we have our smaller friendship groups too.

At lunch times im a nerd, and i can be found almost everyday in the art rooms. I like to keep working on my paintings. It relaxes me to paint, and i enjoy it a LOT! Makes the whole day brighter if i know i can skip off to the art room to paint for a while :)

I am down there with either Kiara, Olivia or Georgia.. Sometimes (and the most fun times) all three at once. We have some great laughs and an awesome time together down there :)

I like to escape from all the immaturity and cattiness and just paint :)

This is my latest painting. It is of Asha and I. It looks dodgy now but i have only just started!!! It wont look like that at the end!

Im standing next to it to demonstrate the size. Yes they are all that big! I love it! For more about my paintings keep an eye on here.

On Wednesdays i tutor African migrants in a homework club, and on Thursday i am at school until 5 painting. But on the other days i have to speed to the car park and get in my car really quickly to avoid the traffic. There are 1400+ students all trying to be picked up, get on buses or get out of the car park at once.
School finished at 3:25pm and if you aren't in your car by 3:30 then you wait in a queue like this until sometimes 4:00pm.

Beth and I have a tradition of when we want to talk or just chill out we take a detour on the way home and go to maccas. She only lives up the road from me and i sometimes drive her home. We just chill out and talk about silly stuff :) It is sometimes the best part of the day :) I love it.

Night times i am usually sitting at my laptop doing assignments (i had a creative picture to show but it disappeared somehow!) ..
I usually have dinner with Grandad at either 4:30 (weird i know!) or about 7:00 or 8:00pm. I usually have a shower at about 9:30-10:30ish depending on what i am doing. And do more homework or read and then go to bed. The latest i try and go is about 11pm but it always seems to be 11:40 when i set my alarm for the next morning...

Friday nights are the best. Jasmine and I usually go to Rachel's house and make dinner and watch movies etc. It is a lot of fun :) (i had a cool picture of that too but it disappeared too!)...
But on the Friday nights we don't decide to do that i am usually in Deloraine for the weekend. (or they're at a party i wasn't invited too. People know i don't drink and i generally don't get invited to parties, doesn't bother me though:)

Jory and I share a room. I'm not sure which bed is mine anymore, Jory likes to swap around because whichever one i sleep in is "my bed" and then when i go back to town he wants to sleep in mine.. So we swap a lot :)

Generally our room is like a bomb went off, and we have been instructed to clean it up tomorrow =P Jory is super cute and i like sharing a room with him when i come back. He loves me to sit and talk to him while he falls asleep. He was reading me "Green eggs and ham tonight" ... I often forget that he isn't my little baby brother anymore- so sad!!!

And that is a day in my life!!
I have different classes each day and stuff- but only Mrs Slevec was cool about me taking photos in English :) Oh and i have a study line which can be a lot of fun when we aren't busy studying for exams :) My days aren't usually just that uneventful and monotonous. We have assemblies and different things, today (when i took all the pics) was just an average one though :)

I have a good group of friends who are great fun to be around and make the whole experience a LOT more fun! :)

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The Kings said...

what a great post! Your teacher cracks me up and what a great sport to let you take pics in class AND blog them!

~ fiona j harding ~ said...

Thanks for sharing Mak.
Totally cool post.
Loved the first pic!!!!

emjay1000 said...

that room is still just as messy!!!! you have to get it done as soon as exams are over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

emjay1000 said...

AND . . . Please start going to bed earlier!!

Jasmine said...

Ha ha ha ha. I Love this post!!! Some good pic's of Mrs Slevec!!! Ha ha ha ha.
Its exactly how our days go!!!!

Bekah said...

Awesome! i love it! always so interesting :)

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