57 days

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So... my whole blog everyday for a month thing didn't happen as the internet isn't working at Grandad's.. :(

I had my History exam yesterday and felt like i smashed it (Yippee!!) ... Psychology is tomorrow and i am freaking out!!! :(

Then i only have to finish my English & Art folios and i am done! Until the end of the year that is!!

I heard something today that made my day!
There is only 57 days of school left!!....
Bring it on! I am super keen to finish!!!

P.S. I am super proud of my photoshopping on this photo :)

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Jasmine said...

So, Mak, Mrs Slevec tells me, i can blog in this unit, and its school work.... so mabs i could get into this...??

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