Visiting Nana & Papa

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today Jory and I took a drive to visit Nana and Papa who live in Devonport. They both have colds at the moment and are feeling pretty lousy and i haven't seen them for ages so i thought it was time to visit :) We took them some soup (yeah yeah i know what you're all thinking- your cooking would make them sicker! haha. Mum made it) ...

On the way we decided to stop and visit Stuart. As i hadn't seen him for ages either.

It has been three years but i still find it strange being there and comprehending that he is actually gone.

I wanted some new photos to play with in photoshop so i convinced Jory that being my model would be fun (more like bribed him!). So we went to the bluff for a play. We took scooters and had a ride around, which was fun!

We rode the scooters up to the lighthouse. Stopping at the lookouts and such on the way. What do you think you can see from this lookout??

Oh just this:

And this:

It is so beautiful up there!!!
I sure love Tasmania!

We finally got up to the lighthouse and after two minutes Jory concluded that it was very boring as you can't go inside like you can on Round the twist, so we headed back down to the beach again!

I was having lots of fun with my camera!

What is it with boys and throwing rocks anyway? haha

Jory was having heaps of fun jumping off a wall for me, much to the amusement of an elderly couple :)

We then went to the skate park- as promised for being a model for me :)

I was happy to pack my scooter (borrowed from Chey) into the car and take pictures instead.
Jory was giving me a heart attack dropping in from all these HUGE ramps and zooming really fast around the whole thing!

I was having extra fun messing around with my zoom lens- which has quickly become my new favourite toy! :)

Check out Jory's jump!

We then had a little play at the park...

Then went to see Nana and Papa. They both didn't look too good, but are on the mend :) They didn't want any photos though (understandable!) so i settled for one of their house- which i love. They've lived in it for a few years now, it is super nice and we call it the ginderbread house. It is lovely- inside and out. It got too dark to take photos of their lovely gardens though- next time!

It was nice to go out and visit them as i haven't seen them for ages! I am looking forward to going to stay in a few weeks time when they are better :)

How mean am i!?

Friday, July 30, 2010

This is Harri King, walking away in the middle of a cricket game- crying because he was bowled out...
LOOK at me in the background!!! Wetting myself laughing! Oh i am mean! Sorry Harri, you are just super funny! :)

57 days

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So... my whole blog everyday for a month thing didn't happen as the internet isn't working at Grandad's.. :(

I had my History exam yesterday and felt like i smashed it (Yippee!!) ... Psychology is tomorrow and i am freaking out!!! :(

Then i only have to finish my English & Art folios and i am done! Until the end of the year that is!!

I heard something today that made my day!
There is only 57 days of school left!!....
Bring it on! I am super keen to finish!!!

P.S. I am super proud of my photoshopping on this photo :)

My weekend...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

... was about this much fun...

Giving it a go...

Friday, July 23, 2010

I have gone a little crazy and decided to try this blog everyday for a month thing. Not too sure how it is going to go- but a plus side is that i have found a way to blog at Grandad's. If i websize my pictures in photoshop they upload to my blog one at a time just fine! (Three cheers for photoshop!) If i feel i have nothing at all to blog about on a particular day then i just wont bother, but i get up to a lot that i never get around to blogging about! We'll see how this goes! =P

Yesterday i was searching my room from top to bottom looking for the receipt to my hair straightener as it is broken! (not a big tragedy i can hear you say) But- it is a GHD, the best you can get, and cost around $300 if you dont have an old one to trade in for a discount.. And i would much rather send mine away to be fixed than pay out another $300 dollars!

Anyway- i searched my room. My filing system works like this- get a piece of mail, recipt, etc and throw it in my second drawer of my desk. Lazy and stupid really. I can never find anything! So i pulled out every piece of paper in the drawer and threw it on the floor- which of course looked like this:

I searched through it ALL and couldn't find it. Put about ten important pieces of paper (recipts to stereo, tax papers etc) back in the drawer.. (Admitedly i DID throw them back in in no particular order) .. And then decided to scoop up the rest and toss it in the fire! It sure kept me toasty warm for a while! :)

By this time i was VERY annoyed.. I had searched for around 40 minutes for the recipt and still couldn't find it! I decided to give up and threw myself on my bed. I layed back, closed my eyes and thought "Oh, i should have prayed about it!" ...
And as soon as i got up to pray about where my recipt could be i felt the Holy Ghost speak to me- showing me a VERY clear picture in my head of exactly where my receipt was. I walked over, opened the bottom drawer, pulled out a Harry Potter folder, and there inside was the recipt i had been searching for, exactly where i was told it was!!!

I was absolutely kicking myself for not praying in the first place and saving myself 40 minutes of wasted study time!!!

I sure know what i will be doing from now on!!!

My two cute models

Thursday, July 22, 2010

On Monday Lisa Kobe and I went to muck around and take photos. It was absolutely freezing and there was a layer of fog, which proved to be a cool look for our photos :)

Kobe was such a crack up, knowing exactly what to do for a photo- hardly even needing to be asked. The photos are in a random order because blogger wont let me arange them today =P

Lisa and Kobe look sooo cute together, and are both easy to take photos of as they are both beautiful :)

When Lisa went to the loo Kobe and I were playing on the exercise equiptment and this man pulled up and was watching us. He was giving us funny looks and i couldn't figure out why. I then realised as we were walking Kobe was walking next to me swinging his arms saying "Mum, mum, mum, mum" over and over. I wasn't thinking about WHAT he was actually saying and just saying "Yeah" to him and talking with him, telling him we were walking to the playground to play. The man had his window open and was looking out at us (and could obviously hear us) and obviously thought Kobe was my kid! It had me cracking up, as when Lisa came back he was SO confused as Kobe was calling her mum (like it looked he had been calling me a few minutes before) ... He probably thought we were some weird lesbian couple or something! Oh it made me laugh! :)

I absolutely LOVE this photo below that i took of Kobe when Lisa was in the loo. He is on exercise equiptment with his tongue out- just like his mum at the gym! ;) It is my absolute favourite from the whole day :)

Lisa taught me how to get "down low", and had me laying on the wet, freezing board walk to take some photos. I must say that the ones i took like that are my favourites from the whole day.

I must admit i read my manual AFTER i took this photo and now know to "get on eye level" with the subject you are taking a photo of...

I still think this one is cute though.

I love this one of Lisa & Kobe grinning at each other. It makes me smile :)

Kobe was so funny saying "jump jump" and trying to jump in time with Lisa.

Kobe was too cute to look tough at the skate park... especially with his bubbles :)

It was lots of fun!

Lisa and I crack ourselves up... Usually we aren't even funny, and if anyone else was around us they would just roll their eyes!
We make each other laugh (usually it's one of us laughing AT the other!) ... We are a bit silly and get the giggles for no reason! Especially when we're editing photos (maybe a combination of lack of sleep and chocolate!?). When Lisa is teaching me she puts on her "teacher voice" which makes me laugh at her, and she is constantly saying (in her VERY serious teacher voice) "Makayla- LISTEN!" and then we both end up laughing and i have no idea what she was teaching me how to do!! Haha :)
It was heaps of fun :)

Paparazzi Practice

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Art Club on Thursday after school was cancelled. So Morgan came to Grandad's to wait until Mum finished in town...
I asked her (actually i MADE her) come and be in some photos for me... I took about 200 but here are just a few i played with on photoshop.

While i was taking photos at this wall a lady walked past and said "It's great lighting" and i agreed she then said she was a photographer and did i want some tips? I said of course and she showed me all different things about settings to make the photos different :) It was so nice of her and i was SO excited by what she was showing me.. So excited infact that i forgot to ask her for her name until after she had walked away :( I was kicking myself!!!

I think this one below would have to be my favourite...

I was loving playing with these on photoshop trying out all different actions. If you asked me what actions i used there is no way i could tell you! =P

I clearly have no idea what i am doing with my camera OR photoshop- but still lots of fun :)

Morgan is beautiful so she was easy to take pictures of :)
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