On a scale of 1-Makayla Graham how clumsy are you???

Monday, June 21, 2010

There's been all these groups created on Facebook lately that people in my grade have created about things that have happened like: on a scale of 1- somones name how drunk are you etc etc... Just had to explain the title before i continued! :)

Anyone who knows me well will know that i am extremely clumsy. It is quite a problem really. I struggle to even wear heels! I have done a lot of clumsy things in my eighteen years, possibly some of the best being: smashing a glass jug at Jayne Christie's house, tripping Mary over at church on Sunday (she is 2!), and turning too fast in the corridor and tripping over a little boy, trying to correct it and ending up running on his head!!!!!

On Friday i was heading back to my locker from a class, english i think. I was carrying a HUGE folder of books, paper etc, and had my phone in one hand, my folder under my arm and my glasses in the other. Yeah yeah i know- recipe for disaster!

I was walking up the stairs with two of my friends Jasmine & Rachel, and we were chatting away like always. I got to the top half of the stairs where they have recently put new carpet and grip around the edges. I was too busy talking and got excited about something they were saying, and tripped on the new grippy stuff. My brain registered what was happening and i tried to correct it before i fell, unfortunately my shoes got stuck again on the grippy stuff and i went sprawling UP the stairs!!!!

As i went flying forward i stuck my arm out to stop myself and remembered my glasses were in my hand- so i landed on my elbow to save them (You're welcome mum!) ... My knees hit the stairs which just happen to be lined with METAL!
Resulting in one knee being cut open and bleeding and the other swelling up about a fifty cent piece size and going blue & purple!
It hurt so much i nearly cried, BUT as it takes great skill to fall UP the stairs and cut open my knees at eighteen, and the fact that i had an audience of around oh 300 or so people in the corridor, i had no choice but to stand up, keep walking and laugh my head off with Jasmine & Rachel...

Sometimes in life you have to just push through the pain of something and appreciate the funny side of it... :)

I know that I am still laughing about it!! :)

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~ fiona j harding ~ said...

Oh Mak,
That's sooooooo funny!!!!
Completely and utterly embarrassing, but something to tell your kids when they're 18 !!!!
Amazing that you managed to save your glasses ;)

Nettie's Blog said...

That is what they call "Saving Face"...but it is after that you remove the smiling "it doesnt hurt a bit" mask and crumple...how is your knee ??? did it need stitches??? or just a bandaid and a kiss to make it all better..
and you didnt even have those glasses on????

Anonymous said...

Man! If you had broken those glasses . . . . dad might have killed you! So good job on saving them. . . . . . . And we're glad you're ok too. lol.

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