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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

****If you have noticed the new look of my blog it is not because i am feeling "emo"- but rather because a black monitor screen takes a LOT less energy to light up than a white or any other coloured screen does. And i believe in taking small steps to help our world :) To read more go Here, and click "about blackle" at the bottom. ****

On Saturday when i got home from the park Nana and Papa were visiting Grandad. Grandad is my mum's dad, and Nana and Papa are HIS parents, making them my great grandparents. After a lot of pleading i was finally able to get Nana to agree to have her picture taken with my new camera (she hates photos of herself).
I chose my favourites and Lisa of course photoshopped them for me.

When i saw them, i had a few tears, they are so beautiful.

Nana and Papa are both just so sweet, and lovely. I can barely find adequate words to describe how much i love them both. They are two of my favourite people in the world, and I know they would do absolutely anything for me.
Dad says they spoil me- and it's probably true but i don't really mind :)

Papa is such a strong person. He was in the war, and went to places like Egypt. He is so kind hearted and wouldn't hurt a fly. He has only smacked someone three times in his life. He loves birds and has a little avery with lots of canaries. He loves to read- but only non fiction. He loves to watch the tennis and the rugby. He tells me the best stories from his life, that i just LOVE to listen to and must really write down before it is too late. He taught me to appreciate everything i have and to always be grateful for what i have- as i have a lot more than he ever did.

Nana looks a little frail- but is far from it! She is so tough and is such a strong person. She loves to read. She loves to watch the tennis. Her house is always absolutely immaculate and never has a thing out of place. She doesn't dwell on the bad stuff too much and has an attitude of "well it's happened, we can't change it, so lets get on with life". It used to annoy me a lot as a kid- but she taught me something important :)

They taught me how to make a bed properly- with the top sheet and all that tucked in how it should be, a very valuable thing to know :)
They have taught me the value of money, and how to appreciate it. I know i will never get a car loan thanks to them :)
They have taught me that you have to work hard in life. And you can't give up on stuff.
They also taught me that you can't have a dirty house- messy maybe but not dirty.

I am grateful that we were able to live with them for the first year of my life, and live near them ever since. I was heartbroken when they moved out of their house in Golden valley (my favourite place in the world) and built a new one in Devonport. But i like it now, and it's not really that far away :)

I admire their strength and also feel sad for them as they only have one son left out of three. I can't describe how much i love them. The look on Papa's face in the second picture is how i picture him a lot and it makes me smile.

I am going to spend a lot more time with them from now on, and make an effort to call them more. They are just awesome.
I hope i get a lot more years to spend with them.

I love them more than words can ever describe.

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The Kings said...

they sound lovely. I'm glad you want to try to spend more time with them. You won't regret it as one day they won't be here and you will have so many wonderful memories of them.

Nettie's Blog said...

i feel like i know them...a very special post Makayla.... how blessed you are to have them in your life still....

~ fiona j harding ~ said...

Great photos Mak. You must be so pumped about your new camera.
How could Nana not want her photo taken? She's GORGEOUS. I hope I look as lovely as she does when I'm her age. She has the BEST hair.

emjay1000 said...

Yes, they taught me alot in my life. . . More than they or you will ever know! Even if i tried to explain, i couldn't. Get your butt up there and visit them girl!!!!

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