I don't have photoshop...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

... BUT i have an awesome camera! (And a friend like Lisa who is willing to photoshop pictures when i ask!)
Only one picture in this post has been photoshopped :) it's easy to tell which one!!

I took these on Saturday playing around with my camera.. Digital SLR Canon 450D... I LOVE it!!!! Thanks Mum & Dad!!!!!
We went to the park while mum was in town so i could get some pictures :) We had a situation with Asha in the car when mum got there- hence why he is in the process of getting dressed in this pic =P

Lucky he is super cute!!!

Jory cracked it after a while and didn't want anymore photos! haha... and this one wouldn't go bigger!! grr

This isn't blurry it just pixalated when i resized it for some stupid reason!

We had balloons because we were getting stuff for Jory's party next week and felt like buying some...

A nice man gave Jory some bread to feed the ducks with!

Asha, as always was sad to see me leave ;)

And that was Saturday!

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The Kings said...

soooo exciting to have your camera finally!!!! GREAT pics!!!! Asha is soooo cute. I LOVE the balloon one with the sky - I want to photoshop it :)

Nettie's Blog said...

wow you finally have your camera...great to have a generous mum and dad hey???
looking forward to more prize winning pics...go go Mack!!!!

~ fiona j harding ~ said...

The photos are BEAUTIFUL Mak...well done you gorgeous, clever thing you! To be honest, I couldn't pick the photoshopped one until i read Lisa's comment - they all look so professional :)

Anonymous said...

All your friends are going to hate you taking pictures of them soon!! Just like Jory!! Asha will be a good subject tho - He has no choice!!!

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