Three years ago today...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

... was the 27th May, 2007. It was the day my uncle Stuart died.

He was 27 years old.

He died from suicide.

Stuart, you were my only uncle, and my favourite one. You used to play with me for hours, and we weren't that far apart in age.

You were the only person who ever called me "Mak"

You were the person who was most like me in our family.

We had the same sense of humour.

I still miss you everyday.

Three years... It seems like a long time, but at the same time it feels like it has gone so quickly. What have we done in the three years without you??

You were such a big kid, always playing with us, and having fun, we loved it.

You always stole our new toys on Christmas, and usually tried them out before us (No matter what it was! :)

You had the greatest sense of humour, and were so funny! Yes that is you in that cow suit.

You loved to play the guitar, and you were awesome at it :) You were in two bands and played in Launceston frequently. But i liked you random acoustic playing the very best :)

You loved animals, and were never cruel to them. Cohen was just like one of your mates.
You had a beautiful smile, and always lit up the room when you walked in. You had SO many friends and everyone loved to be around you.

You had such a sweet, gentle spirit, and a natural charisma that attracted people to you.

It has been three years, but i don't miss you any less. It makes me sad that you didn't live to be an old man, but i know that there must be reasons why you had to go, that i just don't understand yet.

At first, i cried everyday, but then i was comforted when i learned that i will see you again.

Sometimes i forget that you are gone from this life. Just last week i told mum we had to remember to invite you to my art exhibition. I guess you will still be there.

I wish you didn't leave us, but i know i can't change that. So, i am just looking forward to the day when we meet again and can share one of your big bear hugs.

I love you.

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The Kings said...

Lovely post. I LOVE those old photos of you - you were sooooo cute! Your mum looks beautiful in them too.

make it perfect said...

That was beautiful Makayla - you have such lovely memories of your uncle.

SO cool to see those old family pics - you should post some more of them! I forget that I didn't know you guys when you were little and have no idea what you looked like! So cute - how much of a poser if Morgan ;)

Nettie's Blog said...

What wonderful memories you have to treasure and how special that you now know of the Plan of Salvation which allows you to be with your Uncle again....
Beautiful post
i too think you were wo cute and want to see more pics...

nana jane said...

Such a lovely tribute, Makayla. Thankyou for sharing it.

Uncle Stuart was very special to us all and the love we felt for him will stay strong in our hearts forever. Although I still struggle with his passing, I feel very blessed to have been chosen to give him life.

I love you Makayla and I am extremely proud of the beautiful, caring and loving woman that you have become. x x

Anonymous said...

Yes, Morgan has always been a poser!!!

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