Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ok im not sure what day it is going to say that i published this coz i loaded the pics up last time i was back in del (still cant do it from grandad's) but it was Saturday..
I have missed blogging about a few big events these past weeks before i blog about the college ball which is happening tonight... Here are some snapshots from the events in the past few weeks, they should be in order from oldest to most recent but probably not =P And it wont let me make the pictures bigger =(

We had grade 12 Retreat a few weeks back and it was amaing!! i had the BEST time! it is up there with the best days of my life... It was at Camp Clayton and went for 3 days. Ms Owers (remember her? My tutor teacher) was in charge of a lot of it and did an amzing job. She did a liturgy thingy on the first night and had everyone in tears, it was so beautiful. The one on the second night was by Father Richard Ross who is suffering cancer & was just amazing. LOTS of tears!
If anyone has been to Camp Clayton you would remember the meals & the dining hall. Big tables and yummy food..

Dodgy cabins...

Time for quiet reflection in my retret group (called personal journey- focussing on journal writing etc)...

And my extreme trampolining skills ;) ...

Next up: YSA Camp. It started the day after i got back from Retreat. It was in Southport. Never heard of it? Essentially it's the middle of nowhere about an hour past Hobart.. I had a great time :) made lots of new friends and became better friends with old ones. Highlights include cleaning the graveyard for a service project...

The "Heros" dance... Yes i AM flying!!!!...

The ANZAC Day dawn service, then watching the sunrise over the ocean...

Sunday walks on the beach and making a card castle out of giant cards...(the photos of these i forgot to save from facebook- dang it!)

Nana Jane came to visit for a few days :) it was lovely to see her!

I went to a YSA Dance. The theme was 80's & 90's ... Not many people there but loads of fun!

Here we are singing "its raining men, hallelluia!" .... *Wishful thinking*


I am so passionate about an organisation in Tasmania called "Edmund Rice". Named after a man who started schools etc for the poor and disadvantaged.- LOOOONG story!!!
Anyway- they run things called Eddie Rice Camps. Where we are the leaders of disadvantaged kids for 4 days. (More on this when im on holidays)... BUT i was privelidged to go to Hobart on the first ever Edmund Rice Network Convention. There were 8 students from grade 11 and 12. We went with two teachers, Mrs Viney & Mr McCormack.
We participated in workshops etc over the two days. And in the spare time we went shopping, to Maccas, Swimming and to visit Father Richard Ross (the one with cancer). He had just had his operation to remove most of his Liver and was at his parents house, which backed onto the beach as you can see.

He was in great spirits and joking around. He is just lovely. He showed us his scar which wasn't so lovely haha!!


We stayed at the boy's school where the convention was being held- in two classrooms. The school had no showers, hence why we went swimming =P But it did have one toilet in our classroom...

I had an absolutely AMAZING time!!!!!!

And there is some snapshots of the last month or so! Craziness, but loving it!!! =)

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