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Saturday, May 8, 2010

So, Nana Jane has been at me for months to get a website to show my art work.
It isn't necessarily to sell it or commission or anything (although i am keen to do that one day) it is just to share my art work, and such. I have created a new blog- Sorry Lisa i stole your idea- just for this purpose. I would love to hear anyone and everyone's comments about the art- yes even those people that read my blog and never comment... Everyone.
It is so helpful to get possitive comments and also constructive critisism. I would absolutely LOVE to hear from YOU!!!

So, please take a look. Become a follower, whatever you like. But please, comments would be very helpful =)
It is just for fun, to share what i love to do. I am by no means a professional artist!!!
The picture is a link to the new blog =)
*I know the photo on this post is tiny- i tried to make it bigger and it went bigger than the whole web page*

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