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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The ball was a nice night, Thank you to my parents for paying for everything as i dont have a job, and thanks to Lisa King for amazing photos before hand... To see some of these go to Lisa's image blog (A link wont work coz im blogging from school)
BUT- ...Now it is time to say the things that couldn't be said until the Ball was over..........

I hate the money that is spent that is wasted- $1000 dollars for a dress is a bit extreme (Not me, or the secret blogger)... The discussions happen for months and months before hand, aren't there other topics of conversation out there!? We pay $50 for a ticket, which supposedly payed for the hall and the food and drink... Um- i don't know about any others but i had half a sandwhich and a sausage roll, and then the food was taken away... They run out of cups, and we had to use the containers they give you at the take away shop for hot chips... NOT good enough!!!!!
We lined up for half an hour to get photos taken and then she told us no groupd bigger than 5 until after 10:30!
The ball caused fight after fight between our friendship group. It isn't fair to have pre ball drinks and invite only 8 people out of our group when there are 24... Then it isn't fair to get mad at other friends who hold a different pre ball drinks for those who weren't invited to the first. Who CARES!?
It is also stupid to go on and on about who is going to do your hair and make up. Is it really important to pay hundreds of dollars for these two things?? I think NOT!!!

Now- over to my guest blogger who will enlighten you with her thoughts on the whole shamozel.

well hi all! I feel very honoured to be able to talk to you all today!Thanks Makayla!
The Ball.
The Ball does not bring out a spirit of friendship and excitement and love. But rather a spirit of nastiness and self focus!!!
Its a 'lets think and talk about ourselves' as much as possible themed night!
In fact, i feel relief that the whole thing is over. *sigh*

Thanks to Lisa for providing one of the only possitive parts of the whole deal! and putting up with all the stupidness that surrounded it!!!!! We must have been such pains!!!!
thts pretty much all i have to say...
just one word of wisdom, that the experience has given me....
BE yourself! and its friends that matter.... think of others and your night will be way more fun!
take a chill pill and get over it!

Makayla and a Secret guest blogger here, leaving you with thoughts that should have been voiced long ago!!! Over and out.

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The Kings said...

Wowzers - the ball sounds interesting! ;) Glad the photoshoot was the highlight :)

Anonymous said...

yes, the weirdest thing for me was hearing about the girl who only allowed girls wearing long dresses to come to their house cos it would ruin the photos! seriously whoever you were . . . get a life . . some people in the world are starving and you're worrying about this!

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