Harry and Shiela Triffitt

Friday, May 21, 2010

I know that they weren't my grandparents (Or related to me in anyway like everyone else) ... But these two touched my life.
I want to say a little tribute to the two loving, kind people who made me feel welcome at church from day one. The very first time i walked into the Deloraine chapel Harry was there with his Usher badge on and welcomed me. He grasped my hand and shook it so warmly that i immediately felt sooo welcomed. He said "Hi love, how are you doing, i haven't seen you around here before." I felt like i had known him forever.
I only went to church once before i was baptised... Random i know! But when you know you know... Anyway- i had never been to a testimony meeting before. And a few weeks after i was baptised there was the first one ever. I was really struggling with my newly made decision and feeling really down about all the hastle with family members and friends about the choice i had made.
But then- Shiela went up. She bore her testimony, and i cried and cried. It touched me so much. When i went home from church that day i wrote about it in my journal and i want to share a part of it because it really confirmed to me that i had made the right decision in my life, and that things would be ok.

"Today, Shiela Triffitt, who seemed so very frail but also so lovely went up and shared her testimony. She mentioned that she couldn't stay long at church today because her husband was sick and she wanted to be home with him and she doesn't like to leave him for long. Hearing her speak about Harry, and her love for him, and also about the gospel and how much it means to her really struck me. I could see how great her love for the gospel really is, even though she is kind of old. She really knows what is important in life, and has an amazing spirit about her. Her and Harry are so beautiful and such big examples to me. I hope i can have a faith as unwavering as that when i am as old as they are."

I was sad yesterday when i learned that Shiela had passed away, but also so so so happy because she is back with Harry. They had such a love for each other that was just so touching.

I wish i told them how much they touched my life and how they were such big examples to me- from that vey first day i went to church. I always respected them and loved them dearly. I know they know this now =) And i look forward to the day i see them again to thank them for all this in person =)

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The Kings said...

They were amazing grandparents. I was so lucky to call them my Nan and Pop.

Country/City Boy said...

It's nice to know they touched alot of lives, I will always love them and will miss visiting them whenever I'm in Tassie

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