Back in time...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh to be young and carefree and live in the "good old days" again... HAHA- just kidding! I just always hear people say that!!!
Here are some snapshots of me when i was just a little tacker because as i was reminded by a few ppl (Toni!) lots of you have no idea what i looked like when i was younger! And these pics were already on the computer from the slideshow at my birthday party :)

Warning- this post is VERY photo heavy with not a lot of writing :) The photos at the end (the ones i uploaded first went lovely and big- but these last ones didn't so if you want to see them bigger, click on them :)

This is me in our friend Nikki's wedding.. I was 8 years old and asked to be their flower girl. You may recognise the woman who's hands are on my shoulders as Kathy Harris (Nikki's mum) a teacher from Deloraine primary school back in the day... Maybe not though!

Me and mum, by the looks of the date on the photo i was turning 2 a month later...

Me & dad.. I realise you can see my undies a tiny bit in this picture- but it was the only one of me and dad on here... Plus i was like 2 and a half by the date of it- so who cares =P

Poser? Me? As if!!! ;)

At Granadad's house... You'll just have to guess my age from the rest of them!!! =P

Maybe the reason i am such a sick driver these days???? ;)

In my aunty's wedding...

Trying to do a somersault???

With my two nanas :) Mum's mum on the right, and my great nana on the left (Mum's dad's mum! who is also still alive:)

Me and Mum, laughing our heads off...

I didn't like yoghurt???


Learning to feed myself??? Not much is different today i might add!!! ;)

Me and mum. About a year old i think..

Me and Morgan. The black dot on my face is something on the photo not actually on my face =P

Me and Morgan in mum & dad's wedding.. 2001.

Morgan and I in Strahan...

Morgan and I at Nana & Papa's old house in Golden Valley- my favourite place in the world. Such wonderful memories there :) And yes, Morgan does have a she-mullet!!! =P

Modeling the clothes Kathy sent us one Christmas.. Look at tiny Jory!!!

At the don river railway... Which actually now backs onto Nana & Papa's new house...

Mum & Dad's wedding... If you look closely you can spot me, Morgan, Chey and Mum...

How many of you knew that i had braces!!!!??? Here's a before & after shot to show WHY!!! =P SO glad i got them :)

And that is the end :) I hope you enjoyed that little trip back in time with me! =P

Hang on i have to finish reading the Bible!!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Asha caught conjunctivitis this week and has been really sick, so on Friday afternoon mum was able to get in at the doctors... We were in the waiting room for about 30mins or so (as it is with doctors) and then she went in for about ten and came back.

When mum was in Jory gave up with drawing on the chalk board and went to find a book to read. He came running over to me exclaiming: "They have a Bible!" in a really excited high pitched voice.. I said something like "Cool." and he said, "It's not cool, it is AWESOME, im going to read it!!!" So, he sat down at the little table and opened it up...

He then said: "I am sick of all dese (these) little kids bumping me while im twying to wead dis!" And declared he needed his own table to sit at to read it... So he marched off into the corner where there was a tiny shelf and faced the wall and read it!
It was such a crack up!!!

Mum came back and had a laugh and said "Ok, lets go." And Jory got annoyed and said "No, this is the best Bible ever"
Mum says: "We have Bibles at home, read one there." And started leaving to which Jory yells at the top of his voice "Hang on, i have to finish reading the Bible!!"

Oh, what a crack up!!!! He sure made a boring trip to the doctors a lot more fun :)

Three years ago today...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

... was the 27th May, 2007. It was the day my uncle Stuart died.

He was 27 years old.

He died from suicide.

Stuart, you were my only uncle, and my favourite one. You used to play with me for hours, and we weren't that far apart in age.

You were the only person who ever called me "Mak"

You were the person who was most like me in our family.

We had the same sense of humour.

I still miss you everyday.

Three years... It seems like a long time, but at the same time it feels like it has gone so quickly. What have we done in the three years without you??

You were such a big kid, always playing with us, and having fun, we loved it.

You always stole our new toys on Christmas, and usually tried them out before us (No matter what it was! :)

You had the greatest sense of humour, and were so funny! Yes that is you in that cow suit.

You loved to play the guitar, and you were awesome at it :) You were in two bands and played in Launceston frequently. But i liked you random acoustic playing the very best :)

You loved animals, and were never cruel to them. Cohen was just like one of your mates.
You had a beautiful smile, and always lit up the room when you walked in. You had SO many friends and everyone loved to be around you.

You had such a sweet, gentle spirit, and a natural charisma that attracted people to you.

It has been three years, but i don't miss you any less. It makes me sad that you didn't live to be an old man, but i know that there must be reasons why you had to go, that i just don't understand yet.

At first, i cried everyday, but then i was comforted when i learned that i will see you again.

Sometimes i forget that you are gone from this life. Just last week i told mum we had to remember to invite you to my art exhibition. I guess you will still be there.

I wish you didn't leave us, but i know i can't change that. So, i am just looking forward to the day when we meet again and can share one of your big bear hugs.

I love you.

Learn to Laugh

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I have been feeling extremely stressed lately (probably why my back is hurting so much) and there is something i have had to remind myself of more often.. To just learn to laugh about things! I was very kindly reminded of this again yesterday when told to read an article from a church magazine...
So, i have learnt to laugh when;
My friends took a nice picture of me shoveling desert into my mouth :)

When they took a group photo and i was randomly looking at the wall i had to learn to laugh... (this photo refused to go bigger!)

When someone took a group photo at the cross country and i was doing something silly with my teeth! I had to learn to laugh...

When i knew i wouldn't do too well in the cross country and decided to just run it for fun. And came 55th out of 160 or so... I just had to learn to laugh!

When i was putting something away for a teacher and was told off by other teachers along the way... I had to learn to laugh...

When we took a group photo and Beth and I looked like we were about to kiss... I had to learn to laugh...

When at the after ball party people were laughing at me for not drinking... I had to learn to laugh...

And when at the ball the grade 11 and 12's in my tutor group took a tutor photo without me (Ms Owers wasn't at the ball) I just had to laugh and not be annoyed and get a photo with my tutor teacher Ms Owers when she came to clean up at the end instead...

I have to remember to laugh about all these kind of things that happen to me during the day otherwise i find myself getting waaaay stressed out and annoyed with things... So, i have adopted this new motto kind of thing: "Learn to Laugh." And i hope i can remember it a lot more than i have been. =)
And i hope someone laughed at one of the ridiculous things in this post!! =P
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