Ducks, leaves, puddles and scooters

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today when i drove up the street i went past the river and i noticed all these beautifully coloured leaves on the trees. I couldn't wait for the boys to get home so they could come and take photos with me. I don't have my camera yet so i was using mum's. I was mucking around with different settings and stuff- no idea what i was doing though!
The boys love scooters and literally want to take them everywhere so i told them if they came and were in my photos they could ride their scooters...
Oh the boy's hair is like that because it was crazy hair day at school.

It was lovely and overcast- perfect for photos.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Autumn, everything is so beautiful. It is totally my favourite season.

Everything was great until it started to rain as i had predicted. I told the boys over and over to bring coats but they didn't want to. Jory had an excellent time splashing in the puddles!!!

This is my favourite photo of the day...

I just love the colours of the leaves and the mist and freshness after it has rained.. Yes we kept walking around the river- no amount of rain was going to stop the boys from this long awaited scooter ride with me!!!!!

We got absolutely drenched... And even more wet when Jory decided to climb down onto a little drain pipe thing and splash around. He asked me if he could jump in the river then goes "actually, are there cwocodiles in there or somepink?" haha!

I jumped down to get him back up and he of course splashed me. I was already soaked so i didn't care =P
I love the rain & autumn!!!

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The Kings said...

Sooooo cool! Excellent photos!!!! You will be a pro when you get your camera.

~ fiona j harding ~ said...

Beautiful photos Mak. You really have a good eye. Love the splashing ones. Watch out Lisa, you have some stiff competition here!!
You look really pretty Mak in the last photo. You have a beautiful smile :D

Nettie's Blog said...

Wow these pics are amazing ...your mums camera must be so good to capture the movement of the watere splashing like that...( tell me did you get them into trouble for being all wet...He he)

The Jacks said...

Wow Fiona, thanks! That is a huge compliment coming from you!!!!!!!

Nettie- mum's camera is the model down from the one i have on lay buy.

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