Friday, April 30, 2010

This is what half of my family were doing at 3pm on Saturday afternoon...
HAHA. Oh dear, we are shocking!

Even little Asha was on the computer with me! This wasn't even posed for the camera :)

I am too busy to blog at the moment.. I can't from Grandad's place anyway...

Here is an overview of my life at the moment:

I have SO much homework happening everyday... There is so much pressure on us at school to get things done quickly and well.

I am also under a heap of pressure in Art class. I have finished my first major piece and started the next two, i need 20 or so by the end of the year. I am at school until 5pm on a Thurday in Art Club working on my paintings, but am thinking i might stay later on other days also- as a senior i'm allowed to.. Otherwise i won't get things done, as the paintings are 1m high and usually 2m wide, and my art teacher wants them to stay that big.

My study line at school is filled with actual study. The stuffing around has all stopped, and we all just sit there doing our own work.

I am often in the library checking books out. They now come up to me as soon as i enter to help me find what i am looking for. They know my first and last name without asking, and i no longer need a library card to check things out as they just type it into the computer. They give me 3 or 4 weeks on one book instead of 2 weeks like they are meant to and the other day i had a $25 fine and talked it down to $5 =D

I'm not sure what is going on in my Modern World History class. One assignment i got a C and one i got an A... Not sure what is happening in that class...

English Writing is SO demanding. She says we need to "write every day" ... That doesn't include blogs =P There are books to be read and things to be written constantly.

And Psychology???? Not even sure that i am doing so well in that class =( There is a lot of reading that is hard to keep up with- resulting in me failing a lot of the "fact tests" in class.. There is still hope though.

Reports are being written and we have holidays in 2 weeks or so. So there is a huge need to get work finished and up to date.

The College ball is also in two weeks. I finally have a dress so that is one less thing to worry about.

Last week i was away on grade 12 retreat and it was up there with the best days of my life. It was incredible. I had the most amazing time ever! A lot of it came down to Mr Santamaria and my tutor teacher Ms Owers who is just lovely.
When i returned i went straight to YSA camp at Southport.. That was fun too- not as amazing as retreat though. I have photos from both but need the rest from other people's cameras before i can blog them...

And in my spare time??? I am reading the books for my english class, keeping up to date with my seminary reading, catching up on seminary homework, doing the year of seminary i missed as home study, trying to keep up with my personal journal & my tutor journal... Not to mention trying to hang out with my friends.

Ok, so now can you all see why even though i don't have a job there is a severe lack of posts on my blog, why i needed glasses, and why my room at Grandad's looks like this??

My life is madness at the moment!!!
It will all settle down a tiny bit after the mid year exams...

Ducks, leaves, puddles and scooters

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today when i drove up the street i went past the river and i noticed all these beautifully coloured leaves on the trees. I couldn't wait for the boys to get home so they could come and take photos with me. I don't have my camera yet so i was using mum's. I was mucking around with different settings and stuff- no idea what i was doing though!
The boys love scooters and literally want to take them everywhere so i told them if they came and were in my photos they could ride their scooters...
Oh the boy's hair is like that because it was crazy hair day at school.

It was lovely and overcast- perfect for photos.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Autumn, everything is so beautiful. It is totally my favourite season.

Everything was great until it started to rain as i had predicted. I told the boys over and over to bring coats but they didn't want to. Jory had an excellent time splashing in the puddles!!!

This is my favourite photo of the day...

I just love the colours of the leaves and the mist and freshness after it has rained.. Yes we kept walking around the river- no amount of rain was going to stop the boys from this long awaited scooter ride with me!!!!!

We got absolutely drenched... And even more wet when Jory decided to climb down onto a little drain pipe thing and splash around. He asked me if he could jump in the river then goes "actually, are there cwocodiles in there or somepink?" haha!

I jumped down to get him back up and he of course splashed me. I was already soaked so i didn't care =P
I love the rain & autumn!!!


Friday, April 16, 2010

So about a month ago i finally booked in to go and have my eyes tested which i knew i needed to do for a while. The lady at Eyelines was quite good and did some tests and stuff but all she said was "You're eyes are OK, but they are wearing out. You don't need glasses." ... I knew this wasn't right and told mum so we booked in to Sharpe & Fowler where they did a very thorough testing and concluded that when i am looking at something my eyes focus in the wrong spot- a result from too much reading and that i do need glasses.
I only need them for reading, writing, watching t.v, computer... But they are a great help. I didn't think they were very strong at all, but mum put them on and said they hurt her eyes. I didn't like all the black ones that every person seems to have and decided on some pinky/purpley coloured ones. I quite like them.

Asha, on the other hand, burst into tears the first time that i spoke to him with them on!!! He got over it soon enough and is now used to them. Hehe!

I am so glad that i figured out that i needed them because now it doesn't hurt to read the computer or a book!!!

What do you all think!!!???


Friday, April 9, 2010

After seeing Lisa's pictures of Harri and Jay at the gorge and loving them, i asked her to take some of Morgan, Tayla and I just for fun.. We went to punchbowl and it was heaps of fun! Lots of laughing and giggling that's for sure!

I seriously love them so much! Lisa is so talented at capturing a natural moment. That's why i love her pictures so much, she doesn't take fake ones =) And since she has been learning photoshop from the pro Fiona Harding her photos are even more amazing. Even though she didn't do a photography course or go to art school i think she is great at taking amazing photos, and very talented. Thanks Lisa!

Why i love Easter

Monday, April 5, 2010

I love Easter because...

We can hunt for easter eggs in the garden..

And hunt again the next day to find the ones that are missing... (easter bunny is forgetful in our house!)

We can go out for dinner as a family and spend lots of time together... (Nice photography Jory)

We can have lots of naps...

We can drive up to Burnie to go to an Easter festival... Then because we don't get up there much, stop in penguin and visit Dad's Grandma's grave...

We can show our sweet gentle spirits by putting lots of pretty flowers on the lonely graves that have none...

We can run from the car to the loo and stop to take silly pictures on the way...

We can hug giant penguins!...

And we can stop and play at the park while mum feeds Asha in the car...

But the reason that i love Easter time the most...

It gives us such a great opportunity to stop.. and to reflect and remember what the real meaning behind Easter is. It seems that every year more and more people forget, or choose to ignore it..
I feel so blessed to know that Jesus Christ died on Good Friday and rose again on Easter Sunday... That he is the Saviour and he suffered, bled and died on the cross just for us. He went to the garden of Gethsemene and bled from every single pore in his body- feeling the pain of every sin we have ever committed... He willingly did this! And just for us, so that we may be forgiven of all of our sins and return to live with our Heavenly Father once more. I love the real meaning of Easter.

I saw this video on the church website and it really touched me.. I love it so much because it is the prophet and his counselors testifying of Jesus Christ, and it really stands out to me. To me they aren't just people speaking meaningless words... They are speaking from the heart and i can feel that what they are saying is true.
I love it because in the front of the Pearl of Great Price in Declaration 1 it says "The Lord will never permit me or any other man who stands as President of this Church to lead you astray" ...
It is an expert from President Wilford Woodruff's address regarding the manifesto... I really love it because it confirms to me that what the Prophet is testifying of is the truth...

I know not everyone believes all of this.. And everyone has their own opinions and beliefs, and that is great too =) These are just mine, so don't get offended that i am sharing them with you =) If you have time the video is worth a look, it is only two minutes long.

Click HERE to view the video

Happy Easter!!!

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