Saying goodbye to Young Women's

Sunday, March 21, 2010

*WARNING* I was shedding tears while making this video and writing this post, so prepare to as well!

I was fifteen, almost sixteen when i joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints... This made me the right age to enter the Young Womens programme which is for girls aged 12 to 17. I had two FANTASTIC years in there, with great leaders, activities and lessons.. I was SO sad when i had to leave ='(
Some of my fantastic leaders were; Jayne Christie, Toni Coward, Louise Triffitt, Emma Porter, Sherri Jackie Webster's daughter (wow i cant remember her last name!)...
But, i had the BEST TWO YEARS OF MY LIFE! (well, maybe not the best two years of my life, but the best two years of my life SO FAR!)

I had SO much fun, i laughed more than i ever have in my life! I sure cried a lot more than i ever have in my life! I made SO many friends, and had so many great experiences. I grew so much as a person, and i know that my testimony wouldn't be as strong as it is if i hadn't been in young women's.
I wouldn't be half the person i am today if it wasn't for the Young Women's programme. It changed me from a shy, crabby, young 15 year old who didn't smile or know how to have fun (just ask Toni!), to a confident, outgoing 18 year old who never stops talking! (what a change huh Jayne!?) ... I left the programme the kind of person who is confident enough to stand up in front of hundreds of people and tell them how much i love the church, and what i believe in. Before i wouldn't have even told two people!
I learnt a million things while in Young Women's. I learnt how to let the little things go and only worry about the things that matter. I learnt to laugh about little things until you cry! I learnt that food goes with just about every activity. I learnt that there are these young women out there in the world that are different to everyone else, they are confident in who they are, and what they stand for and i was so proud to be a part of that. I learnt so much about myself. The main thing i learnt was who i am and what i am worth- A daughter of Heavenly Father who loves me very much. That got me through some tough times. There are hardly words to describe my time in young women's. So i have made a video. I had something like 500 photos from 2 years, but i could only add as many as one song, so i picked my favourites.

Although i was feeling really old by the time i turned 18 and had to leave, it didn't make leaving any easier. I bawled my eyes out... I miss it a LOT!
I guess this is just to let you all know that i wasn't being ridiculous for being so upset when leaving the young women's programme, i was only so upset because i loved it SO much and it changed the person that i was becoming and am today, It also meant the world to me... I miss it so much, but i am grateful for the short time i was blessed with to spend in there and the experiences i had, and the things i learnt.

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Mike Smith said...

i love the picture of you eating that icy pole on yw camp :P

very nice video :)

The Kings said...

I took that one :) Thanks Kiz!

The Kings said...

cool video :) Great memories!

Anonymous said...

Awwwe! You know as much as the young womens program and church has helped you, it couldn't have happened if you weren't a great person underneath!!

Anonymous said...

I meant inside, not underneath!!

Nettie's Blog said...

Life doesnt stop after YW's gets better in will be the onw to REV them up...they get a bit slack cause of study and work.. but once they get together ..LOOK OUT... make sure you make yourself known to them numbers swapped etc.

Simone Triffitt said...

I hope you are going to do another photostory after 2yrs in RS. I spsoe there are only so many knitting photos to put up. LOL.

Seriously that was a beautiful tribute.

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