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Friday, February 19, 2010

So today was our senior swimming carnival... Confused that there are no pictures of that??? Haha, it's not my thing!
I spent a good part of the day watching Gossip Girl- a big thanks to Emma Langley for poisoning my mind with that one! It's quite addictive actually! ... Anyway, i needed to get out of the house so i went to my very most favourite shop in the whole of Launceston... It is simply called "Secondhand books" ... I bet you can guess what they sell???? =P
This wall is my favourite section of the store- could only get half the wall in the picture though =)

I like to wander in there and get some books.. Most are almost brand new, and prices range from $1 to $10 at most. There are every kind of book you can think of! I even saw Harry Potter and stuff in there... I love the shop. I restrained myself and only came home with one new one. A Jodi Picoult one that looks new and cost me a total of $8.... It sounds promising. So then i walked back through Princes square and came home =) Nice little outting for the day =P
I love that shop and kind find almost every book i have ever been looking for in there! And if it isn't in there, it's in a different one across the road or the one next door- this one's my favourite though =)
I want a wall full of books like that one, one day!

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Country/City Boy said...

I love those shops too, though sometimes the musty stuffed up smell gets to me. haha

Anonymous said...

If you have a wall of books just like that in your house one day, im burning it down!!! Holy cow, nana Ingle would have a fit!! LOL.

~ fiona j harding ~ said...

Where is that shop Makayla? I want to go there!

The Jacks said...

I have no idea of the street name Fiona, but it is the street off from Prince's square.. Mabye ill have to take you there??

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