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Friday, February 5, 2010

Sorry that my posts are extremely boring now!!!!
First off, living with Grandad is like living in a totally different world! Things are very different than at mum and dad's place!
I am back at school, grade 12 St Patrick's College... I feel grown up =P I get to wear this rugby jumper and help the younger kids out. I am studying: Psychology, Modern world History, Art Production and English writing- and i love all of them! I can tell it will be a good year class wise.

My room at grandad's is a little smaller than my one was at mum & dad's.. Not too bad though. It's cosy. It is also like 30 degrees EVERY night! And i am too scared to sleep with the window open! We have scary neighbours on one side, they yell and swear a lot. Mostly at around midnight, which makes it great to get to sleep- NOT! They carry on until like 2 or 3am most nights, so i am finding it really hard to sleep. I am not used to so much noise !!! In Del the most noise at night would be a dog barking- not like 20 at once! And i can't get over how close people are, like the neighbours are 3 metres away!!!
Things are so different. Grandad doesn't really feed me, but his girlfriend Orn does lots! She is from Thailand and likes to feed me lots!!!! Kind of good, kind of bad!!
It is a bit hard to adjust! I have to lock my car in town!!!! NEVER did that in Deloraine!!!!!!
Plus sides-
1- 10 minutes to school
2- Dial up internet that i dont know how to get on so all i have been doing is reading!
3- Hopefully great Seminary

Down sides-
1- Lonely
2- Miss my family
3- Dial up internet which i dont know how to get on!!!!!
4- It is scary! I keep thinking i'll get murdered!!!!!

I'm sure i will be fine, it's just hard to adjust ='(
I am definitely not in Kansas anymore!!!!!!

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Nettie's Blog said...

call me (email me for the number)and i will come and get you one night or as many as you like ...for tea and you can stay over a night with me....
you have to know the bitter to know the sweet remember
and most importantly
YOU ARE NEVER may be lonely but HE is always just a prayer away....
Nettie XXXXX

The Kings said...

aaah - I knew you would miss home :)
I'm sure it's not as bad as you think and home is always there if you need to go back. I'm also positive you won't get murdered. Newstead has already had its quota of murders ;)

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