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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life is different for me now- we all know that! But it has taken some getting used to! (understatement of the year!)
At first it was SO overwhelming and i was quite homesick! But now it is better. I discovered something that made a HUGE difference!- A positive attitude!!! Yeah yeah go ahead and say "i told you so!"
But seriously... I thought about it, i have lots of exciting things happening this year..
VERY interesting classes! Seriously- Psychology is quite possibly THE BEST class EVER!!!!!!!!!! I just love it!
I am also only a ten minute drive to school, which is GREAT!
I live extremely close to my friends and can now do things with them after school on the way home =)
Dial up internet, and the plug is in the lounge- limits my time on the net =) I am trying to not be on too often. At first i had Facebook withdrawels but now it's all good!!!
I have a lot of time to myself. Which is fantastic because:
1. I am up to date with my homework
2. I am writing in my journal almost everday!
3. I am doing the proper amount of work for my art class (at LEAST one full page a day!)
4. I am reading lots of books! (GREAT help for my english writing class!)
5. I am reading my Scriptures LOTS which is great as Seminary starts on Monday- something i am looking forward to a lot!!!

So i had some time to myself last night (Tuesday)... Just chilling by myself. And then i remembered that i had a box of chocolates from Pres and Suzanne Walters.. So i did something i have always wanted to do! Took a bite out of every chocolate... AND THEN put it back!!!!!!!

It may not seem like that great of a thing to do, but they always do it on movies so i wanted to try it =) Try it one day- i promise it will bring great satisfaction =D

It was quite fun! It also made me feel VERY sick!!!!! Totally worth it though!!!
Plus- there is a whole other tray underneath that i can share!!!!!
If you look closely at the picture, you will see that i am in fact NOT lying about writing in my journal lots =) Very proud of myself!! Haha.

I am actually enjoying living here now. It is quite pleasant... Although there is no air con!!!! And only ONE power point in my room (what the!!!??)
But seriously, i am happy here now. I am being looked after- well as much as a 18 year old needs to be! I am being fed (LOTS!). Orn cooks WAY too much food all the time!
I have made lots of goals of things to get done.. I have HEAPS of things to look forward to (all through the year!) which helps lots!!! I still miss my family, but i can see them often! I even talked to Asha on the phone the other night- he misses me ;)
I no longer cry myself to sleep every night! ;) Everyone can sleep easy tonight, knowing i am ok!!! =P

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Country/City Boy said...

A bite out of every chocolate, love it. There's heaps of people in Lonnie to visit, if you ever get lonely!!

Glad your having a good week

Anonymous said...

And you can always come back any time you need. We can have you moved back in a day if you wish! Tho i think you will love the independence. Orn is a really good cook, everyone scoffed the curry puffs at your party!! But i think thats why grandad has gotten so fat! so beware! Love mum xx

Anonymous said...

Oh and please be extra friendly to your sis at school! she has been way sad since you left!!

Nettie's Blog said...

i have always wanted to do that too... i grew up in the era where you were taught not to be wasteful and that would be seen to be wasteful...(oldies ideas)but i will take your advice and get a box from chickenfeed one day and just DO IT... thanks for the thrill idea..
Glad you have settled in but the offer still applies ...i am moving right now ..will post pics soon..

Unknown said...

Hey Makayla have you thought of getting a pre paid broadband stick for your laptop? They are so good, I got one for when we go away. Vodaphone have a 12g (I think) for $150n and it lasts for 12 months.

Simone Triffitt said...

Oh yum, I so want to do that. Was it a Milktray box cos they are the best!!

I'm glad you are settling in. All new things take awhile to get used to, change is like that, but hey some things never change and includes the awesome friends out at Delcity who LUV ya.

the woodwards said...

i'm going to buy a box of choccies this week!! i can'twait thanks for the idea.. is it mean to do it in front off everyone else?? bad luck my family. hope you learn to love launnie..

The Kings said...

I'm liking your new positive attitude and of course there is always home if you ever want to go back. Poor Morgan missing you :( Absence makes the heart grow fonder :)

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