Home for the weekend.

Friday, February 26, 2010

No matter how nice it is at Grandad's or how much fun i am having, there really is no place like home..
On Friday i was planning to come out to mum and dad's after school. Morgan had a migraine at lunch time and needed to come home so we left early (a LOT of history work to catch up on there!) and got my stuff from Grandad's and came out. We had pizza, chocolate milk and juice for tea... I'm not sure why we decided to eat it on the coffee table in the lounge room haha.

Tonight i am going up to Devonport to stay with Nana and Papa for the night. It is a good plan as it is conference weekend at church, and i am old enough to go to the adult session as well! =O (I know, it shocked me too!)... But then back to reality on Sunday afternoon =)
When i got there on Friday Asha was sound alseep! So when he finally woke up i went in to him, and man is he so different! He is so much bigger! He moves his arms around now and stuff!!! He was grinning away at me and giggling, but by the time i got the camera out to film it he wasn't doing it as much- always the way! =P I think he's still pretty cute though =)

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