Fianally had enough!

Monday, February 1, 2010

On Monday mum had an appointment in town, so i stayed home with Chey and Jory. They had been fine for most of the day but then they started their fighting and bickering and i had just had enough, as i was trying to paint the decorations for my party =) So using my very best calm voice i said "go outside and find something to do" ... They came back in about two minutes later saying it was "too hot to even play anything" ... So i had an idea! I gave them buckets filled with soapy water and told them to wash my car. It hasn't been washed in... ok so it has never been washed! But i had enough of seeing it dirty, and enough of the boys fighting inside. Perfect =)

They had fun. Should have probably changed Jory out of his new shorts first, but anyway!

They DID have hats on! Just not when i went to take photos! Chey was actually wearing a sombrero- not really sure how that helps to wash a car! haha.

After a little while the inevitable water fight started. Jory had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to get Chey the whole time! He snuck up behind him and tipped a bucket of water down his legs!

Jory thought it was hilarious, but not so funny when Chey went and got him back!

After a while Chey got bored and went inside to get ready to go to his friend's house, so i helped Jory out...

Then we rinsed it off... Jory was cracking me up SO much with the hose, he was holding it too far down so it would fly around everywhere and he kept yelling "It's out of control, it's out of control!"

Because i was laughing at him so much he turned around to tell me to stop, obviously spraying water at me! He thought it was hilarious and chased me with it, despite me yelling "I have a camera!" over and over! He totally didn't care!

Look at the evilness!!!!!
After that photo i stuck the camera down somewhere safe and ran for it! Little brat!

I changed a setting on my camera, and i think it made the photos clearer?? Still not as good as an SLR though!- can't wait!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Awwwe, I love that pic of jory looking over the car at you with a cheesy grin. Sooo cute. Print me a copy please. M.

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