Celebrating being 18

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Last night it was finally time to celebrate turning 18! I had an 80's disco with lots of my friends.. Sadly not all as heaps of people are sick, and heaps were at MS fest- i didn't know it was on the same night... I had a pac man cake, which i didn't actually get a piece of.. But luckily we had a spare slab cake, without the fancy decorations in the kitchen in case we ran out! It WAS delicious.

Photos are in random order, blogger is being silly.
I love this photo, Lisa was instructing Jalen to take a picture of us, but didn't realise he was taking it as she said it, Haha- it cracks me up SO much!!

We did get a decent one...

I believe this is the Hoedown Throwdown... It also cracks me up- LOOK at what Lisa is doing, something totally random!!!

Thriller... Check out Louise and Leia's hair!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE this one!!!!!

Morgan, Marrianne (who's visiting from Scotland), Me, Angela (from Adelaide), Grandad, Nana & Papa

Dancing- check out what im doing!

After everyone left it got into a pretty big disco party... Then when only like 7 people were left, things got weird... HAHA. Levi showed off some skills...

And you should have seen the floor show these two put on!!!!

Look at her go!!!!

So today we had to go clean up. Fun job. Took 3 hours. These are the dirty dishes- minus cups that were already washed.

And these are all the presents i got. Two new Willow Tree figures in there! Lots of jewellery, money, chocolate, smelly things, art supplies, and even a bonzai tree!!

I had a good night, and was so glad so many people came to celebrate with me.. One of the funniest things all night was Harri King- my new best friend. What a crack up that kid is! He was following me around all night asking me questions about nothing. Far out it was hilarious! Love that kid.
I had a fun time. We kept forgetting to take a picture of all 7 of us together... oh well..

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The Kings said...

GREAT party! Looks like it went wild after all us oldies left! ;)

Simone Triffitt said...

Man I almost didn't want to read this post to see what I missed. I'm glad you had such a great night and judging by the pics everyone went to alot of effort in dressing up.

See, you won't be lonely in Launy AND i did seminary there for 4 yrs so it can't be all that bad and I hear the teacher is awesome. ;)

The Jacks said...

Oh yeah Lisa, at about 10:40 things got into a huge disco, with some crazy dancing, there was a circle of ppl and one person jumping in the middle to do a dance and i got pushed in and not let back out until i danced for ages! (thanks Pres P!!!!)

Oh Simone, sorry about lack of pictures and writing- it would NOT let me upload any more pics! =( Missed you xx

Country/City Boy said...

Looks like it was lots of fun, love the pictures you chose, Would have been good to be there

Morgs :D said...

thanks mum and dad for such a great party!

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