Home for the weekend.

Friday, February 26, 2010

No matter how nice it is at Grandad's or how much fun i am having, there really is no place like home..
On Friday i was planning to come out to mum and dad's after school. Morgan had a migraine at lunch time and needed to come home so we left early (a LOT of history work to catch up on there!) and got my stuff from Grandad's and came out. We had pizza, chocolate milk and juice for tea... I'm not sure why we decided to eat it on the coffee table in the lounge room haha.

Tonight i am going up to Devonport to stay with Nana and Papa for the night. It is a good plan as it is conference weekend at church, and i am old enough to go to the adult session as well! =O (I know, it shocked me too!)... But then back to reality on Sunday afternoon =)
When i got there on Friday Asha was sound alseep! So when he finally woke up i went in to him, and man is he so different! He is so much bigger! He moves his arms around now and stuff!!! He was grinning away at me and giggling, but by the time i got the camera out to film it he wasn't doing it as much- always the way! =P I think he's still pretty cute though =)

Doing what i love best

Monday, February 22, 2010

It gets VERY stuffy sitting around the house all the time doing homework and reading... And i have come to the conclusion that i REALLY need a job- for the money and also to stop the boredom!!!!!!
After school today (riveting day that was!- not!!!) ... I went to Prince's square.. I am thinking that this is my new favourite place in Launceston. It is quite peaceful and beautiful. I was wishing i had my new camera when i was there today there were heaps of things i wanted to take a photo of.. I just love going and sitting there are watching and reflecting...

I did some of my english writing work- a class i LOVE btw, it is just my thing as i love to write stuff... There were some pretty interesting things happening in the park.. After i got too hot i came to Macca's to do some school work (internet is STILL being stupid- it is driving me insane!!!!)...
But anyway... I have nothing interesting to blog about as all i am doing is going to seminary and then school every day... I am really needing a job!
I am still enjoying living at Grandad's.. And East Ward wasn't too bad on Sunday.. Thought i would have no friends there but i forgot about my little buddy Harri King!!! He is such a crack up!! Oh yeah and Lisa was looking out for me too =P
Sorry i have nothing too interesting to blog about! I am joining the jogging group tomorrow night which should be good- nope sorry no pictures of that!
I guess this is just another post to let you all know that i am still alive- just very busy with school... I am enjoying all of my classes though =)
Hopefully ill have something interesting to blog about soon!!!!

Something i love

Friday, February 19, 2010

So today was our senior swimming carnival... Confused that there are no pictures of that??? Haha, it's not my thing!
I spent a good part of the day watching Gossip Girl- a big thanks to Emma Langley for poisoning my mind with that one! It's quite addictive actually! ... Anyway, i needed to get out of the house so i went to my very most favourite shop in the whole of Launceston... It is simply called "Secondhand books" ... I bet you can guess what they sell???? =P
This wall is my favourite section of the store- could only get half the wall in the picture though =)

I like to wander in there and get some books.. Most are almost brand new, and prices range from $1 to $10 at most. There are every kind of book you can think of! I even saw Harry Potter and stuff in there... I love the shop. I restrained myself and only came home with one new one. A Jodi Picoult one that looks new and cost me a total of $8.... It sounds promising. So then i walked back through Princes square and came home =) Nice little outting for the day =P
I love that shop and kind find almost every book i have ever been looking for in there! And if it isn't in there, it's in a different one across the road or the one next door- this one's my favourite though =)
I want a wall full of books like that one, one day!

Where have i been?????

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So, the internet has decided to cark it at Grandad's!! And we have NO IDEA what is wrong with it! So for now i am in McDonalds, pretending to do homework but really i am looking at Facebook after going through withdrawels! Hahaha
I am settled in well and loving life with Grandad and Orn, and school is good. I went home on the weekend and couldn't believe how big Asha is!!!!!
I am missing everyone LOTS but especially this cute little munchkin who is growing up WAAAAAAAAY too fast!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure when i will blog again- probably when the internet is all fixed at grandad's, im getting a bit fat eating so much Maccas! Im going to put back on the four kilos i lost in one week living with Grandad! Dont panic mum, i swear they ARE feeding me!
If i am not on Facebook or my blog i am not dead, just REALLY busy with school, im working on some really big things in art at the moment that i am REALLY REALLY REALLY excited about!!!!!!!!!

Loving it

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life is different for me now- we all know that! But it has taken some getting used to! (understatement of the year!)
At first it was SO overwhelming and i was quite homesick! But now it is better. I discovered something that made a HUGE difference!- A positive attitude!!! Yeah yeah go ahead and say "i told you so!"
But seriously... I thought about it, i have lots of exciting things happening this year..
VERY interesting classes! Seriously- Psychology is quite possibly THE BEST class EVER!!!!!!!!!! I just love it!
I am also only a ten minute drive to school, which is GREAT!
I live extremely close to my friends and can now do things with them after school on the way home =)
Dial up internet, and the plug is in the lounge- limits my time on the net =) I am trying to not be on too often. At first i had Facebook withdrawels but now it's all good!!!
I have a lot of time to myself. Which is fantastic because:
1. I am up to date with my homework
2. I am writing in my journal almost everday!
3. I am doing the proper amount of work for my art class (at LEAST one full page a day!)
4. I am reading lots of books! (GREAT help for my english writing class!)
5. I am reading my Scriptures LOTS which is great as Seminary starts on Monday- something i am looking forward to a lot!!!

So i had some time to myself last night (Tuesday)... Just chilling by myself. And then i remembered that i had a box of chocolates from Pres and Suzanne Walters.. So i did something i have always wanted to do! Took a bite out of every chocolate... AND THEN put it back!!!!!!!

It may not seem like that great of a thing to do, but they always do it on movies so i wanted to try it =) Try it one day- i promise it will bring great satisfaction =D

It was quite fun! It also made me feel VERY sick!!!!! Totally worth it though!!!
Plus- there is a whole other tray underneath that i can share!!!!!
If you look closely at the picture, you will see that i am in fact NOT lying about writing in my journal lots =) Very proud of myself!! Haha.

I am actually enjoying living here now. It is quite pleasant... Although there is no air con!!!! And only ONE power point in my room (what the!!!??)
But seriously, i am happy here now. I am being looked after- well as much as a 18 year old needs to be! I am being fed (LOTS!). Orn cooks WAY too much food all the time!
I have made lots of goals of things to get done.. I have HEAPS of things to look forward to (all through the year!) which helps lots!!! I still miss my family, but i can see them often! I even talked to Asha on the phone the other night- he misses me ;)
I no longer cry myself to sleep every night! ;) Everyone can sleep easy tonight, knowing i am ok!!! =P

Celebrating being 18

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Last night it was finally time to celebrate turning 18! I had an 80's disco with lots of my friends.. Sadly not all as heaps of people are sick, and heaps were at MS fest- i didn't know it was on the same night... I had a pac man cake, which i didn't actually get a piece of.. But luckily we had a spare slab cake, without the fancy decorations in the kitchen in case we ran out! It WAS delicious.

Photos are in random order, blogger is being silly.
I love this photo, Lisa was instructing Jalen to take a picture of us, but didn't realise he was taking it as she said it, Haha- it cracks me up SO much!!

We did get a decent one...

I believe this is the Hoedown Throwdown... It also cracks me up- LOOK at what Lisa is doing, something totally random!!!

Thriller... Check out Louise and Leia's hair!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE this one!!!!!

Morgan, Marrianne (who's visiting from Scotland), Me, Angela (from Adelaide), Grandad, Nana & Papa

Dancing- check out what im doing!

After everyone left it got into a pretty big disco party... Then when only like 7 people were left, things got weird... HAHA. Levi showed off some skills...

And you should have seen the floor show these two put on!!!!

Look at her go!!!!

So today we had to go clean up. Fun job. Took 3 hours. These are the dirty dishes- minus cups that were already washed.

And these are all the presents i got. Two new Willow Tree figures in there! Lots of jewellery, money, chocolate, smelly things, art supplies, and even a bonzai tree!!

I had a good night, and was so glad so many people came to celebrate with me.. One of the funniest things all night was Harri King- my new best friend. What a crack up that kid is! He was following me around all night asking me questions about nothing. Far out it was hilarious! Love that kid.
I had a fun time. We kept forgetting to take a picture of all 7 of us together... oh well..

My new life

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sorry that my posts are extremely boring now!!!!
First off, living with Grandad is like living in a totally different world! Things are very different than at mum and dad's place!
I am back at school, grade 12 St Patrick's College... I feel grown up =P I get to wear this rugby jumper and help the younger kids out. I am studying: Psychology, Modern world History, Art Production and English writing- and i love all of them! I can tell it will be a good year class wise.

My room at grandad's is a little smaller than my one was at mum & dad's.. Not too bad though. It's cosy. It is also like 30 degrees EVERY night! And i am too scared to sleep with the window open! We have scary neighbours on one side, they yell and swear a lot. Mostly at around midnight, which makes it great to get to sleep- NOT! They carry on until like 2 or 3am most nights, so i am finding it really hard to sleep. I am not used to so much noise !!! In Del the most noise at night would be a dog barking- not like 20 at once! And i can't get over how close people are, like the neighbours are 3 metres away!!!
Things are so different. Grandad doesn't really feed me, but his girlfriend Orn does lots! She is from Thailand and likes to feed me lots!!!! Kind of good, kind of bad!!
It is a bit hard to adjust! I have to lock my car in town!!!! NEVER did that in Deloraine!!!!!!
Plus sides-
1- 10 minutes to school
2- Dial up internet that i dont know how to get on so all i have been doing is reading!
3- Hopefully great Seminary

Down sides-
1- Lonely
2- Miss my family
3- Dial up internet which i dont know how to get on!!!!!
4- It is scary! I keep thinking i'll get murdered!!!!!

I'm sure i will be fine, it's just hard to adjust ='(
I am definitely not in Kansas anymore!!!!!!

Fianally had enough!

Monday, February 1, 2010

On Monday mum had an appointment in town, so i stayed home with Chey and Jory. They had been fine for most of the day but then they started their fighting and bickering and i had just had enough, as i was trying to paint the decorations for my party =) So using my very best calm voice i said "go outside and find something to do" ... They came back in about two minutes later saying it was "too hot to even play anything" ... So i had an idea! I gave them buckets filled with soapy water and told them to wash my car. It hasn't been washed in... ok so it has never been washed! But i had enough of seeing it dirty, and enough of the boys fighting inside. Perfect =)

They had fun. Should have probably changed Jory out of his new shorts first, but anyway!

They DID have hats on! Just not when i went to take photos! Chey was actually wearing a sombrero- not really sure how that helps to wash a car! haha.

After a little while the inevitable water fight started. Jory had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to get Chey the whole time! He snuck up behind him and tipped a bucket of water down his legs!

Jory thought it was hilarious, but not so funny when Chey went and got him back!

After a while Chey got bored and went inside to get ready to go to his friend's house, so i helped Jory out...

Then we rinsed it off... Jory was cracking me up SO much with the hose, he was holding it too far down so it would fly around everywhere and he kept yelling "It's out of control, it's out of control!"

Because i was laughing at him so much he turned around to tell me to stop, obviously spraying water at me! He thought it was hilarious and chased me with it, despite me yelling "I have a camera!" over and over! He totally didn't care!

Look at the evilness!!!!!
After that photo i stuck the camera down somewhere safe and ran for it! Little brat!

I changed a setting on my camera, and i think it made the photos clearer?? Still not as good as an SLR though!- can't wait!!!!
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