Christmas at the Graham's

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Since i am back from a week at the shack in St Helen's (That's a whole other post!) i need to blog about Christmas!!!
Years and years ago Morgan and I would wake up at 3 or 4 am to see if Santa had been.. Since Morgan actually decided to get up and wake mum up at 4am once the rule was made that no one was allowed out of their bedroom's until 7am. You can of course stay in there and look in your stocking, and run VERY quietly into each other's.
This year (Actually it is last year now!!) everyone slept in and when i got up to go to the loo at 7:30am there wasn't even a movement from the boy's room. About ten minutes later they were up and once they realised we were allowed up they went and roused mum and dad. We went into the lounge room to open presents..

As i am getting older and older i am finding Christmas is different to when i was little =( So to create some fun i suggested that we all sit around a pull out a present from under the tree one by one and hand them out so we can see what each other is getting. In past years it has been a really big blur!!

Poor little Asha only had three presents =P

My main present was a new ipod as my old one was very had it! I also got dvds, things for my glory box, and HEAPS of new books..

Morgan's main present was a PS2 and Wii fit.. She also got lots of dvds and books etc.

Jory's main present was a DSi .. He got a watch which he was VERY excited about. He also got these awesome Ben 10 shoes that you press a button and little wheels pop out and they turn into rollarblades- totally awesome! He LOVED them! He is actually wearing them in the picture.

Chey's main present was a stereo. He is getting his own room when i move out and is getting very grown up. Obviously this present is not a stereo- couldn't find that pic, but here he is holding his Round the Twist dvds.

A family present for everyone to share was guitar here world tour for the Wii.. As we already had guiar hero there are enough instruments for everyone so we can all play it together- except for little Asha =P He's just our mascot ;) Click and make the picture bigger to see my rocker face!!!!

As mum just had Asha she didn't want anything to be a big deal, we had Brunch here with dad's parents.. Lots of croissants, sausages, bacon, eggs, bagels etc. It was very yummy =)

For dinner Nana & Papa, and Grandad & his girlfriend, Orn came over. We had a light dinner with cold meats, cheeses, wraps, biscuits and dip, and breads. It was very yummy. We forgot about a photo of that though.

Nana & Papa thought they would give guitar hero a go! They were actually awesome at it!! Papa rocked it- it was awesome!!!

It was a nice day, and great that we could have it in our own house and not have to go anywhere. We were so happy when we got back from the beach because we had forgotten all about what presents we had gotten and were able to get them all out and enjoy them again.

It is nice to have the gospel in our lives and know what the true meaning of Christmas really is.

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Andrei Alba said...

i envy you guys out there who spend great company with each other.

have a nice day.

i'm from the philippines.

The Kings said...

looks like a great Christmas!

Cullis Family said...

Looks like a fun day. Asha looks very cute in the pic with his presents!

Simone Triffitt said...

Definitely a generation of electronics!!! I wonder what the olden day people would think of all our stuff. The DSi is cool as!!

Anonymous said...

i think cheys fave present was those round the twist dvd's anyway! He's nearly watched them all already. Im totally sick of them! mum.

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