Can you guess...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

...what is significant, interesting,
scary, but also totally awesome,

about today!!!???!!!!???

Moving out

Saturday, January 30, 2010

So on Saturday i moved my stuff into my new place in town... My room went from this:

And this:

To being all packed up like this:

And this:

Who knew an eighteen year old had sooo much junk!!!?? Grandad sure was surprised!!!!!! Haha!!
Man it was a big job, but it is all in there ready for me to move in on Wednesday night before school starts Thursday ='(
(i'll take a picture of my new room then!)
It's a bit scary and i feel like i should be feeling all grown up now!!!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On the 26th January, i turned 18! How exciting!!
I decided that to celebrate i had to go out on the town and get as drunk as i possibly could! Whilst i was out night clubbing with friends i met a particularly nice fellow and we decided to get hitched right then and there. Not long after we went and voted in the election... haha- NOT!!!! =P
This is how it really went =)
The day didn't start off too well, i went into the bathroom (as you do first thing in the morning) and i noticed all around my eyes are looking all old and starting to form wrinkles!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My reaction: "OH MY GOODNESS!" ... Mum said use make up. Later we discover it is lack of sleep- phew!!!!!!
After this early morning trauma Mum and i (and Asha) went out to the Raspberry farm for lunch where i consumed a delicious (mini) chicken burger, some raspberry waffles, a raspberry and lemonade, and a hot chocolate! Man was i full!! But it was sooo yummy!
As my present is so expensive it is still on lay-by.. So i received little gifts on the day. From my family i got this willow tree figurine, it is "Angel of Prayer. For those who believe in the power of prayer"

Mum also gave me this big one of a mother and daughter hugging, it is called "Close to me" and says "Apart or together, always close to me" ... Very sweet and appropriate as i am moving out..

On Sunday at church Lisa gave me a gift. It was the "Angel of Hope" and says "Sharing the light of hope and courage" .. Very sweet of her.

Nana and Papa bought me a good watch. I have never had a REALLY good one before, so have never really worn one. It is Silver and was quite expensive. They got it engraved on the back and it says "Makayla 18th Love great nana and papa" ... They are my great grandparents and it means a lot that they got me such a special gift, and that it is engraved, i can keep it forever.

My present from my parents is a Canon digital SLR 450D camera- which i am VERY excited about and don't mind waiting for as it is sooo awesome!!!! =D

After a dinner of roast chicken and vegies we had my favourite desert.. Raspberries and cream!!!!! MMMMM!!

Today we had a Young Womens activity in town where we went opp shopping and had to find the leaders an outfit each to wear to church on Sunday. Far out it was hilarious!!!
The girls were cracking me up because i would pick something out and they would go "oh my goodness Makayla, just because you are in Relief Society now doesn't mean you need to pick out old lady clothes!!!" haha.
They have been very secretive lately and when we went to the park at the end i found out why! They made Georgia and I a cake, because i am leaving and Georgia is just entering young womens. It was very sweet and said "Hi Georgia, au revoir makayla"

We sat and ate that, and they presented Georgia with some chocolates, and me with a notebook covered in pretty material. On the front it said "Life is a journey" ... I opened it up and got all teary when i realised it was filled with a letter from each of them saying beautiful things to me!!!! They even had the Stake young womens leaders and President Prebble and Walters write in it at young women's camp! I flipped through and saw there was one from Simone, and even Jayne. I was so pleased with it, it is VERY sweet!!!! It was the best present that they could have gotten for me...
Unfortunately not all the people they wanted have had a chance to write in it yet, so they took it back off me =( So i only got a chance to read the one on the first two pages (Lisa & Toni!) before they took it back. Hopefully i can have it back soon so i can read all the beautiful messages. It was great guys!!!

I know there are no pictures of me eating dinner or anything on my birthday- i looked horribly tired! And also no cake- i am having two HUGE cakes at my party next week. I will celebrating my birthday properly at my 80's disco party!!!
I had a very nice day and was very blessed with lots of other gifts and messages that i have failed to include here...

Thanks Fiona!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

When i was at church on Sunday with the YSA i got dragged away by Lisa and Fiona to get my photo taken...
I really LOVE the picture Fiona took!!! She has edited it beautifully and we look flawless =p

Thanks Fiona, you are so talented!!!!!!!

Feeling better!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ok so i have been busy packing all my stuff ready for moving next weekend (=O!!!!) .. And i have come across some really insane stuff!!! I am so glad to be moving just so i can go through all of my crap and chuck a heap out!!!
So i was throwing stuff out from my desk drawers yesterday and came across last year's school photo, you know the horrible one you get every year?? Yeah well i looked at it and thought "wow my hair was short!" and then i remembered that i loved it like that!!
I have been meaning to get it cut short again for ages, and i had a haircut before Christmas, but i went to Emma and i chickened out and only got a tiny trim! But today i called up and they were able to fit me in this morning at the hairdressers.. So i took the plunge and got it cut!!!!

I like it sooo much better! You know when it is just starting to get all ratty and long and yuk and then you realise it's because you need a haircut!? I am feeling refreshed and rejuvenated today, ready to face scary ysa camp!!!
I also got new skin care in the mail this morning.. And a birthday card with the sweetest message and $50! I am feeling WAY better today!!! =D

Being arty farty

Monday, January 18, 2010

People always say to me that i am "arty farty"... It's a weird expression, but i guess it is because i like to do art. My favourite is painting. As i am moving out i am clearing out stuff, moving stuff and generally just throwing crap out! I was wonder to myself "what is all that behind my t.v.?" ... WELL- it was a huge pile of artwork collected from over the years!
I pulled it out and looked at it, but i just can't throw any of it out just yet. A lot of it are very dodgy pieces of work that should be chucked out, but from those dodgy ones i have learned how to create some half decent ones that i am happy with...
This is the pile!!!

Impressive huh!?

Sometimes i surprise myself and create something i just love to pieces. It may not seem like a "good" piece of work to some people, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
This is a painting i did for Jordan as a thank you to him for giving me his fish tank for free. It is him fishing in the river. It is a different style to every other painting i have done... It is now in his bedroom displayed on his desk.

This one was a major piece for art class this year. The quote is from New Moon, one of the Twilight books. I got A's and B's for it.

And this one is probably my favourite piece i have painted. It is the King family. It is a totally different style to anything i have ever done before. I really enjoyed painting that way, and was quite happy with the result. It sort of looks like the Kings, and i don't know if they love it as much as i do.. I know it is kind of dodgy and rough looking. But i love the style. It is in Kobe's bedroom.

I love the style so much that i have decided to drop Biology this year (which i was going to study) and do pre tertiary art instead. You need a theme to work with for the year, and i am going to make all my paintings in the style of this one of the Kings... Should be interesting...

I know i am not that great at painting, and most of the ones i create need a lot more improvement, but it is fun, and it makes me relax when i paint. I love it, and enjoy being an "arty farty" person a lot!!

Young Women's camp 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

On Wednesday night i got back from a fantastic three day young women camp! I know everyone has probably read all about it from Lisa, but if you haven't then go here because she blogged it beautifully and has lots of details of all the activities whereas im going to do it a bit different... I am just going to tell you my favourite parts, funny moments, and share my favourite photos.

First off i cant take credit for the photos, i only took 5 on my own camera!! Haha. So most of the photos on this post are courtesy of Lisa King photography. The others are from Toni and President Prebble. Thanks heaps guys!

I was so excited for camp! We have been looking forward to it for months and months! Finally the day arrived! We were all so happy to finally be there!! There were LOTS of laughs, joking around and games, but there were also the quiet moments, the spiritual moments and the "aw" moments.

I love this picture of me with the camp banner behind me. Lisa look it and said "I've got your new profile picture for Facebook" haha.

There are hardly words for the next photo. I was walking past when Toni snapped a picture of Lisa, and totally didn't realise i was in the background of it being a complete goose! It cracks me up big time!!!! I love it!

I dont remember this photo being taken, but i think Toni took it, not too sure though!!!
Bek and I

Me writing in my journal- LOVE the pic!!! Thanks Lisa for that one!!!

On the second night we asked Lisa and Sacha to come and have a D&M with us, we totally thought they would say no and want to sleep... BUT they didn't!!! They stayed in our tent until 1:45am! What troopers! They were probably bored out of their brains with talk or boys and other silly things! We loved Sacha's story and i still laugh about it all the time!! Sacha was a huge crack up because whenever someone said anything about a boy she would shine the torch into our eyes and say "return to virtue girls, return to virtue".. I was almost wetting myself it was so funny!!!! The photo is such a crack up and i'm glad i was the one taking it so i wasn't in it =)

Aw. The seven leaving Laurels. I am SO sad to be leaving Young Women's!!!!!!! It is the only thing i have ever known in the church so it is super duper sad and double scary!!!!!!!

Group shot of everyone on the last day. LOVE it!!!

Ah the jetty. The best jetty. You can hang with friends on it, jump off it, brush your teeth on it, even eat your dinner on it.. LOVE it!

Toni asked me to get a picture of the stake yw presidency together on the last day. They got a GREAT picture where they all look fantastic and you cant even tell they have been camping for three days!!! BUT i am going to share the photo of them being silly coz it cracks me up big time!!!! I was laughing at this photo for about half an hour when i first saw it!!!!!! And to think they are our stake leaders- HAHA!

Our yw camp banner... I love the torch in the middle.

SO many memories of swimming! Off we go down the rapids, I'm leading the way followed by Morgan and then Toni...

Tayla and I...

Lisa, Me, Tayla and Toni after everyone else had left... We look rough but i love it!

Tayla and I eating spag bol on the jetty... Good times! I just LOVE the photo!!!! Thanks Pres P!!!!

Jumping off the platform with Abby and Morgan...

Great action shots Lisa!!!

Our very serious group huddle before a game of tug of war!!!! In case you cant tell which one i am, i am on the very right =)

The top of a mountain with our gold banner that pledged our "return to virtue" LOVE it!!!!

Early morning exercise!!! I loved the jog- i was full of energy in the mornings and awake at lole 6:30 both days which was totally random. I felt so alive and rejuvenated!!!!!

Pushing Toni in the river! Man she was so easy to get! Love it!!!

Playing our guitars whilst having a sing-a-long. Pres P LOVES singing and was leading the way with all the songs.

Oops out of order- But Toni is in!!!!

Don't i look scary!!!! I had mascara on the first day and it smudged hahahaha! Thanks for the photo Lisa!

Finally we convinced Louise to jump with us- she wasn't as chicken as Toni who was up there for like 20 minutes- Soooo funny!

Walking across the rocks to save my bum being dragged across them in the rapids!!

Into the rapids! LOVE it Sacha!

Man we looked sooo silly dressed up for our skit!!!! We had so many little jokes that i don't think many people actually got! Like the carrot said "Do you carrot all about your body?" ... At least we crack ourselves up!!!!!!
I had THE BEST TIME EVER on camp!!!!!!!!!! I am so grateful to our AWESOME leaders who made it soooo much fun!!!! I wish it could have gone for way longer. I LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!!!! Wish i could go next year ='( ='(

Christmas at the Graham's

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Since i am back from a week at the shack in St Helen's (That's a whole other post!) i need to blog about Christmas!!!
Years and years ago Morgan and I would wake up at 3 or 4 am to see if Santa had been.. Since Morgan actually decided to get up and wake mum up at 4am once the rule was made that no one was allowed out of their bedroom's until 7am. You can of course stay in there and look in your stocking, and run VERY quietly into each other's.
This year (Actually it is last year now!!) everyone slept in and when i got up to go to the loo at 7:30am there wasn't even a movement from the boy's room. About ten minutes later they were up and once they realised we were allowed up they went and roused mum and dad. We went into the lounge room to open presents..

As i am getting older and older i am finding Christmas is different to when i was little =( So to create some fun i suggested that we all sit around a pull out a present from under the tree one by one and hand them out so we can see what each other is getting. In past years it has been a really big blur!!

Poor little Asha only had three presents =P

My main present was a new ipod as my old one was very had it! I also got dvds, things for my glory box, and HEAPS of new books..

Morgan's main present was a PS2 and Wii fit.. She also got lots of dvds and books etc.

Jory's main present was a DSi .. He got a watch which he was VERY excited about. He also got these awesome Ben 10 shoes that you press a button and little wheels pop out and they turn into rollarblades- totally awesome! He LOVED them! He is actually wearing them in the picture.

Chey's main present was a stereo. He is getting his own room when i move out and is getting very grown up. Obviously this present is not a stereo- couldn't find that pic, but here he is holding his Round the Twist dvds.

A family present for everyone to share was guitar here world tour for the Wii.. As we already had guiar hero there are enough instruments for everyone so we can all play it together- except for little Asha =P He's just our mascot ;) Click and make the picture bigger to see my rocker face!!!!

As mum just had Asha she didn't want anything to be a big deal, we had Brunch here with dad's parents.. Lots of croissants, sausages, bacon, eggs, bagels etc. It was very yummy =)

For dinner Nana & Papa, and Grandad & his girlfriend, Orn came over. We had a light dinner with cold meats, cheeses, wraps, biscuits and dip, and breads. It was very yummy. We forgot about a photo of that though.

Nana & Papa thought they would give guitar hero a go! They were actually awesome at it!! Papa rocked it- it was awesome!!!

It was a nice day, and great that we could have it in our own house and not have to go anywhere. We were so happy when we got back from the beach because we had forgotten all about what presents we had gotten and were able to get them all out and enjoy them again.

It is nice to have the gospel in our lives and know what the true meaning of Christmas really is.
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