Young Women Christmas Dinner

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ok, i have a reason why i am blogging about this NOW and not about Christmas Day! I lost the chord for my camera and only found it today while packing stuff for the beach (funny that!) .. So i didn't have these photos.. AND the christmas day photos are on mum's camera- which wont plug into my laptop and im too lazy to swap to the desktop =P

SO, Last Tuesday for Young Women's we had a Christmas dinner! We sat outside and enjoyed some very delicious food! Our leaders had slaved in the kitchen ALL day cooking a marvelous meal (Haha- the chicken was from Woolies =P) .. But it was delicious!

It was a warm evening so we were content to just sit outside and enjoy each others company..

Emma was a fabulous chicken carver!

We were drinking sparkling apple juice- very yum! But we were joking with ourselves that it was spiked as we were all in a VERY silly mood and laughing our heads off about nothing!! Hypo about Santa coming a few days later i reckon :)

Don't our leaders look serious!! =P

They soon joined in though and we were all LITERALLY wetting ourselves with laughter!! I have no idea what we were actually laughing at! But i remember Emma and I having a fake laugh competition- who's was the silliest! Too funny to actually have a winner!

We had the works- meat, vegies (even though Louise left them in her microwave at home hehe), and desert. We even pulled out some Christmas bon bons! An extremely hilarious joke from my very own cracker: "What do you call a man with no shins??" ... "Tony" ...
It took us absolutely AGES to get it!! Toe, Knee.. Haha. Then we wet ourselves again! Man it was funny!!

For desert we had a HUGE selection! Kayla's pav was fantastic! As was the Bradbury's cake! Our new YW leaders are quickly learning that the Del YW love to have lots of food- it is hilarious!!
Yes- my pig of a plate!!

After dinner we went to the two houses we had secretly been dropping presents to as a "12 days of Christmas" surprise and outed ourselves and sang them Christmas carols..

We then decided to continue to spread the Christmas cheer and keep singing carols to people! Yes- randoms!! It was so funny, lots had very silly excuses as to why they were busy- but we definately made one elderly lady's night =)

Morgan and I were lucky enough to ride in Emma's car! All three of us were still very hypo and had the music pumping very loud singing at the tops of our voices! She only had lame old So Fresh cd's from 2005 and stuff- making it even more hilarious as we all knew the words!! We even had the car "bouncing" at one point.. Haha. It was such a great night!! We had SOOO much fun hanging out and being silly together!! =D

I'll blog about Christmas when we are back from the shack! =)

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The Kings said...

Fun!!! What a great night. You have great leaders :)

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