The waiting game.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

So, tomorrow is the big day- (tomorrow being Monday, my blog does this stupid thing where it says the wrong day!)-our new little brother is being born. Despite knowing that it is a boy, the day he will be born, and even the time, it is still VERY exciting! There is 3 or 4 years between all of us other kids, and 6 between Jory and the new baby. Very exciting! It has been the longest 9 months ever! We are all just soooo excited, it has dragged out so much! Only one more day left in the waiting game though!

Everything is all ready for him to come. Capsule in car. Baby bath in bathroom. Swing & bouncer in lounge room (that's just a bit boring for a photo!) And the cot in mum & dad's room.
Because my parents thought Jory was going to be the last kid they got rid of everything, so he has a brand new cot. Doesn't it look so cute all set up and ready??

He is very spoilt with lots of teddies =)

And on a side note we finally have our Christmas tree up. Normally we have it up the last weekend in November but we were getting the carpets cleaned and waiting for that, in the end it didn't happen but that is irrelevant =P
It is finally up. It is an awesome tree. Nana and Papa got it in a after Christmas sale for us one year and got it a lot cheaper. It is a huge 8 foot one and we love it. We're not allowed to decorate it though, only mum coz she puts all the different coloured decorations in specific spots =P It does look pretty though! Look at all those presents!!! Santa doesn't put presents under the tree in our house, only in the santa sacks on our beds.

The baby is coming, Christmas is coming. What an exciting month! Stay tuned for a photo of my new little brother very soon! (hopefully!)
Apologies for any spelling/grammer errors, i have been writing this on and off all afternoon whilst doing other things plus the internet quitting! =)

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Simone Triffitt said...

Tic Toc the countdown is so very close to being over!!

I can't wait to see this gorgeous little man.

The Kings said...

Soooooo exciting!!!! Can't wait to see photos of you new brother and to hear what his name will be.

make it perfect said...

Yay! How did today go then? So excited to hear all of the news!

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