Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bek and I have been talking for ages about going opp shopping. We've been before and find it so fun! We always come home with something cool, and have lots of fun trying on random and silly things! We talked and decided that we should save our $50 and go later when we are a bit richer ;) The idea then came to Bek that we could have a look through all the clothes in her garage. She told me there were heaps and i didn't realise just how many until we pulled them all out and dumped them on the floor. You cant really tell just how much there is from the photo!

We looked through them and made a pile of "Maybe's" as in, maybe-i-would-wear-that, and a pile of "No's" as in no-way-on-earth-would-i-ever-be-caught-dead-wearing-that! The shirt below is an example of something we threw into the "No" pile!!!!!!!!

The bags and bags of clothes were old ones of all the Bradbury girls, the Christies, the Walkers, some people in our ward and even some of mine and Morgan's!!! I saw a couple of my favourite shirts in there and reclaimed those ones back! ;)
There ended up being a lot of really weird clothes and we agreed under no circumstances would we keep anything that was silky or chord! Most things made of that were really weird!!! In the end our "maybe" pile was this big! It's hard to tell from the photo, but it is filling up a whole mattress!

We bagged up thirteen bags of stuff that no one wants, ready to go to the salvation army.. Yes, i said thirteen! There were so many clothes to go through!

We spent pretty much all day doing it. I went to Bek's house at 11, and left at 2:45 to get the boys from school. We did stop for a little while to have some lunch and play some guitar together!! =D

SO tomorrow i am going back there and we are going through the "maybe" pile and sorting out what each of us wants to keep =)

It was a great way to get some "new" clothes as both of us are sick of wearing what we have and we are also both saving all the money we are making at the moment =) It was pretty fun too, some of the stuff we found was hilarious, but i was wetting myself laughing at the different things and didn't get any other photos.

I already have dibs on the coolest green jacket i have ever seen!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, don't chuck it all out, there maybe something for the 'costume box'
Love Lorraine.

The Jacks said...

Oh yeah we had a "costume" pile Lorraine, forgot about that one!

The Kings said...

ha ha - that is Mum for you! Always thinking of costumes. I can't believe there was that many clothes to sort through!

The Jacks said...

The photos dont do it justice, and they wont go bigger! There were SO many!!!

Nettie's Blog said...

oh i love op shopping bargains to be had there and no bossy assistants to hurry you along either....and you know you are getting a total favorite is the Red Cross shop ..they have awesome clothes and the lady told me that most of them come in containers from the UK...the donations from Australia go good is that?????

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