Babysitting the Walters

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A few days ago, Suzanne emailed me and asked me if i would babysit their girls so she could surprise Lionel with a date. I said yes, and off i went there last night...
I got there for 6 o clock, and the girls were in there pajamas, or actually as they told me "their play clothes" .. So they were all ready for bed. Their girls are gorgeous and heaps of fun.
Little miss two was extremely hypo, and was keen to run, run, run, jump, and dance around everywhere! She gave me a heart attack when she showed me this cool little trick she can do!!!!

We played lots of silly games and the girls wanted lots of pictures on my camera. So after a very rowdy game of hide and seek, which was funny as they would hide and then yell out "im in here!" or bang on something to give me a clue where they were, we took some pictures.

These are the girl's "silly faces"

Miss four's "silly face"

Miss five wanted a turn of taking the picture and instructed "No silly faces!"

Then she allowed us one!

Miss four then got upset because she wanted to take some pictures. So of course i let her..

They were remarkably good!!!

You can not do something without Miss two having a go! So i let her go crazy and fill the entire memory card with her beautiful photos. I kept a few of the better ones ;)

I love this one of these two playing some twister scram game or something to that effect- i'm not in it though as i was the "spinner person"

Miss two's own little foot!

And Miss five's pajama bottoms, which she informed me, her mummy made =)

After this the girls went to bed. They got up a million times to ask for silly things, and more stories.. But that is what you do when you have a babysitter =) I miss having little girls around our house!

They were extremely cute and lots of fun! And when i was saying goodnight for what felt like the hundreth time there were pleas of "can you pretty please come back tommorrow and play??"

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Anonymous said...

Awww...looks like it was fun times while the parents were away. I'm glad they didn't give you too much trouble! Thanks again, we had a really lovely time out :)

The Kings said...

Awww - they are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Awww, i remember having two cute little girls like that in my house! What happened? boo hoo hoo.

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