Young Women Christmas Dinner

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ok, i have a reason why i am blogging about this NOW and not about Christmas Day! I lost the chord for my camera and only found it today while packing stuff for the beach (funny that!) .. So i didn't have these photos.. AND the christmas day photos are on mum's camera- which wont plug into my laptop and im too lazy to swap to the desktop =P

SO, Last Tuesday for Young Women's we had a Christmas dinner! We sat outside and enjoyed some very delicious food! Our leaders had slaved in the kitchen ALL day cooking a marvelous meal (Haha- the chicken was from Woolies =P) .. But it was delicious!

It was a warm evening so we were content to just sit outside and enjoy each others company..

Emma was a fabulous chicken carver!

We were drinking sparkling apple juice- very yum! But we were joking with ourselves that it was spiked as we were all in a VERY silly mood and laughing our heads off about nothing!! Hypo about Santa coming a few days later i reckon :)

Don't our leaders look serious!! =P

They soon joined in though and we were all LITERALLY wetting ourselves with laughter!! I have no idea what we were actually laughing at! But i remember Emma and I having a fake laugh competition- who's was the silliest! Too funny to actually have a winner!

We had the works- meat, vegies (even though Louise left them in her microwave at home hehe), and desert. We even pulled out some Christmas bon bons! An extremely hilarious joke from my very own cracker: "What do you call a man with no shins??" ... "Tony" ...
It took us absolutely AGES to get it!! Toe, Knee.. Haha. Then we wet ourselves again! Man it was funny!!

For desert we had a HUGE selection! Kayla's pav was fantastic! As was the Bradbury's cake! Our new YW leaders are quickly learning that the Del YW love to have lots of food- it is hilarious!!
Yes- my pig of a plate!!

After dinner we went to the two houses we had secretly been dropping presents to as a "12 days of Christmas" surprise and outed ourselves and sang them Christmas carols..

We then decided to continue to spread the Christmas cheer and keep singing carols to people! Yes- randoms!! It was so funny, lots had very silly excuses as to why they were busy- but we definately made one elderly lady's night =)

Morgan and I were lucky enough to ride in Emma's car! All three of us were still very hypo and had the music pumping very loud singing at the tops of our voices! She only had lame old So Fresh cd's from 2005 and stuff- making it even more hilarious as we all knew the words!! We even had the car "bouncing" at one point.. Haha. It was such a great night!! We had SOOO much fun hanging out and being silly together!! =D

I'll blog about Christmas when we are back from the shack! =)

The long awaited post about...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Asha Casey Kobyn Graham!

Asha was born on the 7th December 2009 at 12:03pm. He only weighed 8lb 5oz- making him mum's smallest baby after me =)

He didn't have a name for the first day, but then it was decided he looked like an Asha (well really mum thought that and dad finally agreed as it was the name mum wanted all along)..

We think he is beautiful- but then we are biased!

He is only just over two weeks old, but he smiled for the first time at mum the other day. Everyone was called in from various rooms- but he wouldn't do it again..

He is a good boy and will just sit there contented while everyone else goes about their business. He doesn't like to be fussed very much, but we LOVE to fuss him! Mum and i couldn't resist this cute as little santa suit in K-mart the other day.. He kept trying to eat the pom pom- it was SO hard to get a photo as we were wetting ourselves laughing!

Alison Chrisite made him this gorgeous little cardigen and hat he looks so cuddly in it!!!
Asha has a swing that we sit him in sometimes- although we don't like to turn it on as it goes REALLY dangerously high and we are scared he will fly out as he doesn't have enough weight to weigh it down!!!

Asha goes to bed at around 11pm and sleeps until 4 or 5am depending what he feels like =) He has four hourly feeds and ALWAYS has to be woken up! He would sleep all day if we let him!
He hardly ever cries, he only does when he is being fussed and cuddled too much when he is hungry.

Asha loves to have baths. He pulls the cutest little faces and looks so contented. He kicks his legs and waves his arms.

It's the getting out part he doesn't like so much!

Asha is very loved by everyone in our family. He recieves hundreds of kisses everyday. Evertime we walk past we stop and say hello to him and give him a kiss. We all often wander into mum and dad's room while he is sleeping to "check" on him- but really just to stare at his angel face and give him another kiss.

Asha always stops sooking when mum picks him up.

Asha loves dad and opens up his eyes to look at him a lot.

Jory loves Asha very much. He isn't jealous of him, but always wants to cuddle & kiss him or hold him.

Chey is Asha's oldest brother, and seems to have grown older overnight! Chey loves babies and little kids. He always wants to give them kisses and touch their hands. Chey is great with Asha and loves him very much.

Morgan loves Asha lots- so much that she never sooks about changing his dirty nappy!!

And me?? I could sit and talk to Asha for hours. I tell him all sorts of things about our lives and about him. I tell him how much we all love him.

I thought that our life would change HEAPS when Asha was born.. But it didn't. Not much is different really. We have a few extra pieces of furniture around, and an extra pile on the floor when we fold the washing.. But i did forget how long it takes to get organised to go somewhere though, making sure he is fed, changed, bag packed etc.. But we don't mind =)
At first we couldn't figure out who he looks like.. He has a red tinge to his hair which is totally random and will probably go blonde. We thought he looked the most like Chey did when he was little, but then we found a baby photo of mum and it could almost be Asha! He looks lots like her side of the family.
At first i kept looking at him and thinking "he looks like someone" .. but then i figured it out! He just looks familiar. We have obviously known him before.
I feel very blessed to have Asha come and join our family. We didn't know how he would fit in, but he does- perfectly =) He sometimes does this thing with his lips, making a face exactly like Stuart did when he was a baby and i know that they were together before Asha came to Earth and Stuart probably taught him a thing or two ;)

In his blessing on Sunday it said that he will be an example to his family and that he will grow up and go on a mission. I feel proud of him already.

He is so sweet, and perfect. Straight from Heavenly Father's presence. How amazing is that!?
I love him very much.

I want to .....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dance like nobody's watching....

Love like i've never been hurt....

Sing like nobody's listening....

And Live like it's Heaven on Earth.....


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bek and I have been talking for ages about going opp shopping. We've been before and find it so fun! We always come home with something cool, and have lots of fun trying on random and silly things! We talked and decided that we should save our $50 and go later when we are a bit richer ;) The idea then came to Bek that we could have a look through all the clothes in her garage. She told me there were heaps and i didn't realise just how many until we pulled them all out and dumped them on the floor. You cant really tell just how much there is from the photo!

We looked through them and made a pile of "Maybe's" as in, maybe-i-would-wear-that, and a pile of "No's" as in no-way-on-earth-would-i-ever-be-caught-dead-wearing-that! The shirt below is an example of something we threw into the "No" pile!!!!!!!!

The bags and bags of clothes were old ones of all the Bradbury girls, the Christies, the Walkers, some people in our ward and even some of mine and Morgan's!!! I saw a couple of my favourite shirts in there and reclaimed those ones back! ;)
There ended up being a lot of really weird clothes and we agreed under no circumstances would we keep anything that was silky or chord! Most things made of that were really weird!!! In the end our "maybe" pile was this big! It's hard to tell from the photo, but it is filling up a whole mattress!

We bagged up thirteen bags of stuff that no one wants, ready to go to the salvation army.. Yes, i said thirteen! There were so many clothes to go through!

We spent pretty much all day doing it. I went to Bek's house at 11, and left at 2:45 to get the boys from school. We did stop for a little while to have some lunch and play some guitar together!! =D

SO tomorrow i am going back there and we are going through the "maybe" pile and sorting out what each of us wants to keep =)

It was a great way to get some "new" clothes as both of us are sick of wearing what we have and we are also both saving all the money we are making at the moment =) It was pretty fun too, some of the stuff we found was hilarious, but i was wetting myself laughing at the different things and didn't get any other photos.

I already have dibs on the coolest green jacket i have ever seen!!!

50 questions

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sorry, this post isn't nearly as interesting as a picture of my new baby brother Asha. But, we have to wait until mummy is home from the hospital =) He's a cutie though..
I found these questions online, and because i don't have anything very interesting to blog about i'm going to answer them. If you are stuck too, then do it!

1. Where were you three hours ago?
Getting the boys ready for school...

2. Who are you in love with?
Edward Cullen (in the books) .. =P

3. Have you ever eaten a crayon?
Cant say that i have

4. Is there anything pink within ten metres of you?
Morgan's wearing a pink shirt in the photo of her on tv cabinet

5. Are you on a laptop or desktop?
Desktop in lounge room, i hate using my laptop coz i dont have a mouse

6. Are you wearing socks right now?
Yes, one is red, one is pink.. Need to wash some =P

7. Do you own a car worth more than $3000?
It probably is, but was bought for three hundred lol

8. Have you ever crashed?
Into a wheelie bin, and reversed into some stuff on our block but thats about it haha =P

9. Have you been to the movies in the last ten days?
Saw New Moon with Tayla, Jordan, Isaiah and heaps of other people last weekend..

10. What CD is in your cd player?
The new youth "Strong and Courageous" CD

11. What was the last thing you had to drink?
Cordial last night

12. What are you wearing right now?
Green pajama bottoms, and my grade 6 leavers t shirt.. (YES it still fits!)

13. Do you wash your car or use a car wash?
Can't say my car has EVER had a wash!

14. Last food you ate?
Fruit Loops

15. Where were you this time last week?
Somewhere with mum

16. Have you brought any clothing items in the last week?
Nope, saving my money!

17. When was the last time you ran?
Haha i dunno, i hate running..

18. Last sport you watched?
Oh boy, i hate watching sport!

19. What's your favourite animal?
Probaby an Otter, they are SO cute!

20. Dream vacation?
Trip around Europe. Scotland, England, etc

21. Last person's house you were in?
Nana & Grandad's yesterday

22. Worst injury you've ever had?
I was running in the lounge room, and tripped and smacked my head on our big fibre glass ornament and cut my head above my eye brow.. I got some little stiches and a nice scar!
Bet you didn't know that!? =P

23. Have you been in love?
Hahahahaha Definately not!

24. Do you miss anyone right now?
Mum and Asha..

25. Last movie you saw?
I watched a bit of Home Alone 2 with Jory last week

26. Favourite smell?
This is weird, but a carpenter.. It is really comforting as all the men in mum's side of family are carpenters and it reminds me of them =P

27. What are your plans for tonight?
Go visit mum and Asha

28. Most exciting thing in the last week?
New baby brother, Asha being born!

29. Next trip you are going to take?
Probably to St Helens after Christmas

30. Favourite place?
The beach, or nana & papa's old house

31. Favourite song at the moment?
"This is who i am" by Vanessa Amorosi or "Bodies" by Robbie Williams

32. Are you scared of dying?
Not at all..

33. What perfume do you wear?
Vera Wang "Princess"

34. Are you due for a doctors visit?
Nah probably not

35. Do you have a best friend?
Nope =( Lots of very good friends though..

36. What kind of phone do you have?
A sony ericsson one, it has tiny buttons and is extremely irritating!

37. Do you have a tan?
Yup.. I go very brown in summer!

38. What are you listening to right now?
A song called "Garden Walls" by Mindy Gledhill, from a cd called "The sum of all grace"... I think it is a song from a church cd from Simon Triffitt.. (Music is playing on shuffle on itunes)

39. Do you collect anything?
Nah. But i love little boxes =P

40. Best present you could receive?
If it was from a friend, then a framed picture of us doing something together.. (that's why i loved the photo stake yw sent us from boot camp!)

41. Last time a cop pulled you over or stopped you?
I've only got pulled over once, didn't have my license with me, just outside the chapel..

42. Favourite soft drink?
Creaming Soda

43. What does your last text message say? And who from?
Bahaha. It's from Bek saying she will run to my house when her hair dries!
Im thinking i better get dressed before she gets here! =P

44. Favourite colour?
Blue or green

45. Prefer showers in morning or night?
Morning.. But i usually have them at night coz i am WAY too busy in the mornings

46. Do you need to do washing?
I am thinking yes as my socks are odd and i have clothes all over my floor?

47. A bad habit?
Throwing clean AND dirty clothes on my bedroom floor! (this is actually irritating because then i don't know what's clean or dirty!)

48. Are you someone's best friend?

49. Are you rich?
Hahahahahaha. Not even slightly!!!

50. What were you doing at 12am last night?

There we go, 50 random questions. Exciting stuff ;) Sorry this is getting boring!!!!

And the picture is me in Melbourne at a caravan park being a goose playing on one of those springy things!! Haha. Did NOT know dad took a photo! =P

The waiting game.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

So, tomorrow is the big day- (tomorrow being Monday, my blog does this stupid thing where it says the wrong day!)-our new little brother is being born. Despite knowing that it is a boy, the day he will be born, and even the time, it is still VERY exciting! There is 3 or 4 years between all of us other kids, and 6 between Jory and the new baby. Very exciting! It has been the longest 9 months ever! We are all just soooo excited, it has dragged out so much! Only one more day left in the waiting game though!

Everything is all ready for him to come. Capsule in car. Baby bath in bathroom. Swing & bouncer in lounge room (that's just a bit boring for a photo!) And the cot in mum & dad's room.
Because my parents thought Jory was going to be the last kid they got rid of everything, so he has a brand new cot. Doesn't it look so cute all set up and ready??

He is very spoilt with lots of teddies =)

And on a side note we finally have our Christmas tree up. Normally we have it up the last weekend in November but we were getting the carpets cleaned and waiting for that, in the end it didn't happen but that is irrelevant =P
It is finally up. It is an awesome tree. Nana and Papa got it in a after Christmas sale for us one year and got it a lot cheaper. It is a huge 8 foot one and we love it. We're not allowed to decorate it though, only mum coz she puts all the different coloured decorations in specific spots =P It does look pretty though! Look at all those presents!!! Santa doesn't put presents under the tree in our house, only in the santa sacks on our beds.

The baby is coming, Christmas is coming. What an exciting month! Stay tuned for a photo of my new little brother very soon! (hopefully!)
Apologies for any spelling/grammer errors, i have been writing this on and off all afternoon whilst doing other things plus the internet quitting! =)

Babysitting the Walters

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A few days ago, Suzanne emailed me and asked me if i would babysit their girls so she could surprise Lionel with a date. I said yes, and off i went there last night...
I got there for 6 o clock, and the girls were in there pajamas, or actually as they told me "their play clothes" .. So they were all ready for bed. Their girls are gorgeous and heaps of fun.
Little miss two was extremely hypo, and was keen to run, run, run, jump, and dance around everywhere! She gave me a heart attack when she showed me this cool little trick she can do!!!!

We played lots of silly games and the girls wanted lots of pictures on my camera. So after a very rowdy game of hide and seek, which was funny as they would hide and then yell out "im in here!" or bang on something to give me a clue where they were, we took some pictures.

These are the girl's "silly faces"

Miss four's "silly face"

Miss five wanted a turn of taking the picture and instructed "No silly faces!"

Then she allowed us one!

Miss four then got upset because she wanted to take some pictures. So of course i let her..

They were remarkably good!!!

You can not do something without Miss two having a go! So i let her go crazy and fill the entire memory card with her beautiful photos. I kept a few of the better ones ;)

I love this one of these two playing some twister scram game or something to that effect- i'm not in it though as i was the "spinner person"

Miss two's own little foot!

And Miss five's pajama bottoms, which she informed me, her mummy made =)

After this the girls went to bed. They got up a million times to ask for silly things, and more stories.. But that is what you do when you have a babysitter =) I miss having little girls around our house!

They were extremely cute and lots of fun! And when i was saying goodnight for what felt like the hundreth time there were pleas of "can you pretty please come back tommorrow and play??"

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