Sunday, November 8, 2009

We are so lucky to live in Tasmania! It is such a beautiful place.. I feel sooo blessed!!!
For the last few days it has been glorious weather! It has been around 28 degrees! That is quite hot here, as it is a different heat to the mainland. It is especially hot for November!! But it has been great! Saturday i was out in the sun ALL day (got sun burnt but anyway) and it was glorious!! Today is a fantastic sunny, hot, beautiful day but alas i am inside studying for my maths exam =(
I have been taking mini breaks though to run outside and get some sun! I blame the TQA for my vitamin D deficiency!!! ;) I'm also taking a break right now to watch The Ellen Degeneres show! It cracked me up at my maths tutorial the other day as about three other people said that the "ellen hour" is their break hour!! lol.

Anyway, i was out there a little while ago and decided i'd jump on the trampoline.. I only lasted for about ten jumps and had to lay down, it was WAY too hot!!!

Wouldn't you just love to be me right about now??

Ah i LOVE summer!!! Can't wait for exams to be over so i can REALLY enjoy it!!!! =)
Back to the books.. ;)

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The Kings said...

How hot is it!!! It is too hot - I know - we are never happy!

Anonymous said...

Hot...and loving it!!

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