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Monday, November 2, 2009

SO... I am totally over studying and really, i haven't even started properly! I'm still finishing a few last minute assignments! I think i am still at the overwhelmed stage. I am the kind of person that needs to have things organised and layed out or i get REALLY stressed out! I realised something today- my maths folder is a mess, THAT is why i dont want to go near it, that and the fact that i hate maths. Oh yeah that is also a problem. I have decided two things. The first is that i now LOVE maths until my exam is over in 2 weeks and i never have to do maths again. Second: i need to organise my folder! Once everything is all in the right section and colour coded i'll be fine =) Check it out though- what a mess!!!!

So i am house sitting for Simone and Simon while they are in Queensland.. It is actually perfect as they are gone for a couple of weeks and i have peace to study. Which is what i THOUGHT i needed!! Turns out i can't function too well with peace and quiet!!! The product of coming from a big family i guess.. I am a bit lost here by myself.
The T.V. is pretty much constantly on because i need SOME form of noise or i'll go crazy! The hum of the fish tank isn't sooo soothing! And sorry Simone but your CD collection isn't up to scratch ;) I am not even watching the TV, it's just there for some noise =)

Because i am here alone i can spread my stuff out.. It is great! The kitchen table is covered in stuff, so is the bathroom, and im pretty sure Simone would have a heart attack if she saw what i've done to her bedroom, let alone the bed!!! ;) The lounge room is good though- it has all my school books everywhere, yeah yeah i hear you saying "That doesn't sound good!" But it actually is because i know where all my stuff is and it's all ready to go. Its organised!!! =D
I just had to take a picture of it!! I know that there are also a lot of paint palletes on the floor- i AM studying but i need to take mini breaks to re-stimulate my brain to be able to focus, and i do that by painting or writing- which is why my journal is also on the floor =D

No that is not Facebook open on my laptop either! It's actually on a site for my english thingy =) I am being so good, only going on FB in the morning and then the evening when i have a little "break" =)
I thought i would love staying by myself, and i do, sort of.. Once i was over being freaked out by noises i was fine! (The cats had started World War Three outside the bathroom last night!!).. BUT i am a little bit lonely.. The policemen in the police station next door only say hi in passing- and i went to the Robbin's for tea.. But still. Lol. No one has texted me all day.. Not even an email from anyone.. Mrs Slevec hardly counts as she was telling me off about my English thing!!! Haha. I don't notice so much at home because there's always noise and my family talking.. But here i have realised a few things about myself while i have been on my own.. One: I REALLY can't cook! I had toast for dinner last night!! Two: I am actually quite a messy person- i have crap EVERYWHERE.. And Three: i am actually a loner!! Do i even have any friends?? ...
I just felt like having a little sook tonight- and that is what is going on with me today!!! =)
Well done if anyone actually got to the bottom of this =D

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The Kings said...

I knew you would be sad and lonely. It's a big change going from a huge noisy family, to nothing but quiet and being on your own.
Just think of the positives - you have no excuse but to study all day :)
Hope the two weeks don't drag too long for you and remember you can always go back home if you want.

Unknown said...

Isn't it funny that we are always saying how much we want to be on our own and how we think it will be so great yet when we get the chance we totally don't like it as much as we think! I am like this with the kids I always say how good it would be to have a kids free day and that I would love to be on my own yet it feels wiered and lonely when it finally happens! Good luck with your study for your exams you will do great.

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