.Someone sent me flowers!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So this morning i was lazing around in the lounge room not really doing much when i thought i heard a knock on the door. I was thinking it was just me being paranoid again! Plus i was in my Pjs and hadn't had a shower yet so i was looking pretty dreadful! Probably not good for the person on the other side of the door! ;)
So me being the nice person that i am, ignored it! I forgot all about it until i went out the front door to check the mail. Imagine my surprise when i saw these!!!!

I had a little giggle when i read the card and thought to myself "oooh Simone has a secret admirer"... Check out what it says:

I assumed they were for Simone as i don't know anyone called Richard Evans! But then i looked at the front.. It clearly says MY name.. I don't know how whoever it is knew the address of Simone's house! I didn't even know it until i looked at the card!!!
It is a mystery!! Thank you to whoever it was!!
They made my day!!! =D

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Cullis Family said...

Hi Makayla, that is so cool. Flowers make my day as well. Perhaps you should google his name!!!!

Unknown said...

Well the flowers are lovely! Strange coming form a teacher though! Oh well at least he is a thinking guy!

The Kings said...

Okay - call me the detective but that name sounded VERY familiar so I googled it (thanks Anna!) and it's actually a quote by a general authority - Richard L Evans!!

So it is NOT your maths teacher thank goodness as I was thinking that is a bit creepy.

you DO have a secret admirer!!!! :) That is very cool.

BTW - I would be careful about putting the address of where you are at on the net for everyone to see - you just never know - there are some weirdos out there.

Country/City Boy said...

Thats pretty cool. Haha, Detective Marge, woman of many jobs :)

The Jacks said...

Good work Lisa!!! I am more excited now!

Cullis Family said...

Lisa I was like you his name sounded fmailiar so I googled it, something must sink in when I read things!!

The Jacks said...

Good work you two!! I dont know the names of even like 3 general authorities! Im a convert though =D

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