I have fallen in love.......

Monday, November 30, 2009

... No not with a boy.. BUT with these beautiful Willow Tree figurines!!!! I have seen them around a fair bit, in people's houses, and in catalogues. But never actually seen them in a shop. UNTIL TODAY!!!! I went into the jewelers with mum to get my temple necklace fixed, and when i looked in the window i saw a heap of the figurines! I was browsing inside and saw HEAPS more! And i have totally fallen in love with them!!!! They are soooo beautiful and precious. They are all so pretty and each are different and have a special thing written about what they mean. Mum agreed to lay buy one for christmas, plus a beautiful box one!!!

The one that i am getting for Christmas is this one:

It is called "Serenity" and says something beautiful about calming the soul or something on the tag. There isn't a picture of the box on the website, but it is a little square one with a girl and a kitten and says something really sweet! I have a thing for boxes =)

And now i have a thing for these Willow Tree figurines! I just LOVE them, and want to get more! They are just beautiful! I saw this one on the website and am dying to get it! They didn't have it in the shop today..

It is "Dreaming Angel" and says something beautiful about guarding your hopes and dreams.. I have many hopes and dreams and would LOVE this one!!! I also really want the prayer angel one and the miracle angel one. (I have a thing for anything angel too). So these are perfect =)

I am just in love with them and think the website will be one i visit often to dream about which ones i want!!!!
I am hoping to get some more for Christmas or my birthday... They would be the BEST present EVER!!! I just LOVE them!!! =)
Nana Jane, i hope you are reading this!!!! ;)

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The Kings said...

ha ha - nice hint for Nana Jane!! Aren't they beautiful. I have a Willow Tree nativity set - we just put it up yesterday - it is soooo beautiful. You should look it up on the net.
I also have a lady who is pregnant and an angel. I love them too and want to get more. Mum has quite a few around her house too - one with kids etc.

The Jacks said...

Yes i love them! Jayne Christie has a nativity one im pretty sure.. They are soo beautiful! I have looked at every one ever made =)

I don't think nana will read it, but everyone always says i am too hard to buy for and ask what i want- and here it is! =P

Anonymous said...

I love them too Makayla.
My kids and friends have given me a few of them and the nativity set is lovely.
I haven't seen the dreaming angel before,so I will keep me eye out for her.
I love 'angels'
Love Lorraine.

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