.Eggs anyone???

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So i have been here since Sunday night, and today i only just remembered something Simone said to me: "don't forget to collect the eggs" .. Oops! I only just remembered today, which is Wednesday!!

So i find my shoes and off i go outside.. Simone asked me "Are you scared of chooks?" my reply was "not really, why? do they chase you?" .. She said no they wont, so that was fine..
Off i wander to the chicken yard. No chickens to be seen. Good! So i open the gate and wander in.. Open up the house thing and what do i find? A LOT of eggs! 26 to be exact! So i start grabbing them out and putting them into my trusty tuppaware container that i prepared earlier. While i am doing this i don't notice a sly little chook wandering closer and closer! I turned just in time to see it enter the little chicken door and start staring at me!!! I freeze. What do i do?? Oh my goodness a chicken is staring at me! I am standing there with a bowl full of eggs frozen because a chook is staring at me. This is when i discover my fear of chickens!!!

I do NOT want that chicken to get any closer.. So i try stomping to scare it- Nada! It stayed there and watched me take the eggs out, mind you im moving VERY slowly because i don't want it to attack me!!! In the end i have got all the eggs and turn but the chook has moved!!! I panic when i realise it is under the little house right at my feet!! I then notice she has called in her friends and they are ready to attack!! I pelt out of there as fast as i can whilst carrying a bowl full of eggs and only just make it out alive!!! Here is a picture of the crime scene- i was too scared to get any closer. Don't be fooled- there ARE chickens in there, they are just hiding waiting to attack!!

What am i going to do with all these eggs??? I don't even like eggs! Occasionally i will have this insane craving for poached eggs on toast and that is usually only after i have been sick and need some protein.. Eggs anyone!!!???

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Unknown said...

Oh dear! I must say that I am not that fond of things that fly!!!! Or at least flap around. It comes back to my days as a child when I had a plover attack me. As for chickens well I always think of the movie Chicken Run, I sometimes think that they are organised!!!! With the eggs you could always whip up a pav or something, even make some yummy custard as it uses heaps of egg yolks so you could use both parts of the egg, just let me know if you need a recipe!

The Kings said...

ha ha - that is hilarious! I love eggs :)

The Jacks said...

Haha i felt like they were plotting against me!! Ange- i had visions of chicken run too!!!
Lisa i will gladly bring you eggs on Friday!

Country/City Boy said...

What a crackup, lucky you got out alive Makayla, you were stealing their offspring :)

The Kings said...

are you coming to Attack :) would love some eggs - thanks Simone :)

Anonymous said...

Makayla - just read your blog on the flowers but I've lost it again!! The Richard L. Evans didn't send the flowers, but the quote may be one of his - google him and see!! Curiouser and curiouser!!!!! He's a church member too (although an old one)!!!


The Jacks said...

Sorry Ali-it disappeared coz i was editing it!! =) Its back now!
Lisa figured out it is one of his quotes! Dont know who sent them though!!

Simone Triffitt said...

Ha ha I love this post. It's funny b/c chickens look at you out the side of their eyes, by cocking their head funny so its quite creepy!!!

Dang I missed coming into Surfers cos I was too busy commenting on your blog in the car rather than watching out of the window.

Yay 35yrs old and FINALLY make it to Qld!!

The Jacks said...

They have FREAKY FREAKY eyes!!!!

WOOO! You made it q land!!! =)

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