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Saturday, November 21, 2009

I bet you all thought i was going to blog about Kenneth Cope didn't you??? He was amazing, but no, i have something else pressing on my mind.

When Bek came and stayed with me at Simone's place for a couple of nights while i was house sitting we had ample opportunity to chat. We studied, then chatted, chatted some more, studied, chatted and chatted while studying. On one particular night we were feeling very melancholy and were chatting about, what else- boys and marriage. We talked ab
out the future and our dreams and what we really want more than anything from life. We talked about our future families and especially future husbands.

We described them to each other and then it came to our attention that we were describing someone who was a cross between Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, Prince Charming and a guy we know who shall remain annoymous and be only referred to as "chicken"...

After a lot of discussion we were almost in tears when we realised that there is no such guy!!!! And we must be looking in the wrong place for a half decent one as all we have encountered are frogs!!!!! We then realised that we are both going to end up like the crazy cat lady from The Simpsons.
After this realisation the real tears started to flow. We needed help. Who else could help us but the "oh so great and wise one" !!! So we climbed to the top of the mountain where she often resides at nighttime and poured out our hearts. She was very understanding- having dealt with many a frog in her time!

The journey was a long one and we had to remind her many a time that we had climbed to the top of a mountain to recieve the answers we so desperately needed from her! But of course, she came through for us. She always does. Thank you "oh great and wise one" we love you very much!!!
She told us of how all guys have to once be a frog before they can turn into a handsome prince, and that at the moment they are just too filled with awful flies that they sometimes never get out of their system.. and how their teeny tiny brains are filled with thoughts of staring into the pond at themselves, but will one day see the princesses on the other side waiting for them.

Sometimes it feels like we aren't princesses and that we will never fulfill our dreams of going to the castle to be married in.. Right now it feels like these two princesses are heading towards being cat ladies.

No princes have yet headed our way... I wonder why!?

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The Kings said...

oh dear!!! You two crack me up big time!!! You are 17 right!!!? I think you have a LONG time before you have to start worrying about being a 'cat lady'!

Advice from the top of the mountain says enjoy being single and just be the best person YOU can be and then one day that Prince Charming WILL come along without you even looking for him! :)

make it perfect said...

that blog post made me laugh the most when i saw that pic of you two at guys are hot - you've got nothing to worry about!!!!!

Nettie's Blog said...

OH to be that age again and know what i know now...seriously you have nothing ...and i mean ..NOTHING.... to worry about...i see two gorgeous Y W with plenty of time to have loads of fun still....yes loads of time before they beome cat Ladies!!!! really!!!!

Bekah Bradbury said...

oh yes, this has just confirmed it....we are definately cat ladies!!! lol

i LOVE it! i laughing so MUCH!!!

Fiona said...

Thanks for the post, you guys are excellent... wait for the right frog!!

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