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Saturday, November 14, 2009

I was thinking to myself "what on earth can i blog about??" nothing interesting until after my exams sorry =) Then i remembered that i took lots of photos on the last two days of grade 11 which were over two weeks ago now... We got some great pictures so i just have to share them =)
At the end of our last english lesson our teacher gave us each a little "noodle box" that had in it: chocolates, lollies, a lolly pop, party popper, and BUBBLES!!! Most people think only little kids love bubbles. But i will tell you a secret: to me, bubbles are just as awesome as hugs and spontanious water fights.. AKA- Magical!!! Bubbles are just magical! I was very pleased to receive some from my teacher =)
I sat all through lunch time and ammused myself by blowing them =) The spot where we sit has a walkway right next to it, so they would blow everywhere and especially all through the walkway. All these randoms walking past were like "awesome, bubbles!!" and would try to pop them =) Yes i am 17, almost 18, but i still love bubbles =)

So here is my favourite photo from our photo taking session =) Beth clearing just trying to eat, Jo was telling the person who was taking the photo something about Pycsam, and i am just blowing my bubbles =) Dont they just look awesome blowing across the picture!? =)

Amy, Steph, Me, Emma, and Eve in the front..

Ben and Steph were cuddling and we felt left out =)

Me, Amy, Eve and Beth

Rachel, Jasmine and I

People think i am a loner, but here is clear proof that i have friends!!! ;)

Me and Beth...


Emma.L, Me, and Jo

Me, Eve and Beth
Can you tell we are best friends!? =D
And there are some photos from my last two days of grade 11.. Can you believe i am almost 18!? I am getting soo old!!!! =)

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The Kings said...

oh wow - how cool is your teacher to do that for you!! Fun!!

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