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Monday, October 12, 2009

Firstly- apologies for sooo many photos! But they are relevent to the post, and blogger is not being it's usual tepramental self tonight but instead is only taking about 2 seconds to upload 5 pictures so i took advantage of that ;)

For our first Young Women's activity with our new presidency, Louise, Deanne, and Emma, we were delighted to learn that we would be playing games. Not just any games, but AWESOME games, from the Ellen show!!!
Firstly we were divided into 2 teams by being given a number at random. Then we got straight into our first game! A member of each team were given a pair of stockings with a tennis ball at the end of one leg, and told to put it on their head. The aim of the game was to pull the stockings off the other person's head, without hands. Morgan and Lillie-Mae decided to give it a go!
After a LOT of spinning and a huge head bang Morgan came out the clear winner!

Ooops ive mucked up the order of the photos, but anyway the third game we played was one where you were in teams of two and Louise would call out something like "two hands, one knee, one nose, one head" and all those body parts must touch the floor. Jasmine lucked out with me as a partner because i was laughing WAY too much to do it properly and just had to stop to get photos!
Tayla and Bek

Morgan and Leia

Nerys and Pheobe
Our second game was in the foyer and my favourite game EVER! Two people were blind folded and taken outside where they had to eat Oreos off the window without any hands!!! SOOO much fun!!!!!


Leia again




Because there were so many Oreos two more people were able to have a go!!! Me and Bek! So Morgan cleaned the window, which was pointless coz we used the bottom ones anyway coz we didnt wana eat the cleaning product! ;)

I'm all set!

Not my best face ;)

Almost got one!!!

Bek cant beat me!!!

YES! I actually got one!!!!!

I think Emma was a bit overwhelmed by all the laughing ;)

Things got silly!!!
Then a player from each team were wrapped in towels and blindfolded and made to eat marshmallows on a string!!! Morgan got hers in like the first 2 seconds!!

Things then got calmer for a while as we played "humdinger" where a member from each team hummed a song and the first person to guess it gets the point.
The winners of the night got a block of Bubbly chocolate to share! It was NOT this team!!! ;) Louise was just nice and got one for both teams !! (Notice the BIG L for loser!)

The REAL winners! Don't we look tough!

It was our first YW with our new presidency and it was SO weird to not have Sister Jayne, but Louise is just fantastic as our president and is totally different to Jayne!! Our concellors are awesome too as they were in there playing the games with us laughing their heads off!!!!
There was non stop laughter the whole night and we had a great time! =) Louise is an AWESOME new president!!!!!

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The Kings said...

Oh SOOO fun!!! I think whoever planned it watches a lot of Ellen too. That is where I got lots of inspiration for the Monster Challenge :)
Looks like a great night and I'm glad you are enjoying having Louise as your Pres - she will be awesome.

The Jacks said...

I LOVE Ellen! I always watch it when i am home from school. They were Louise's games so she must love it too!

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