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Sunday, October 11, 2009

SO, one of my favourite things ever are books!! I LOVE books i can NOT get enough!!! Ever since i was a little kid and learnt to read i haven't stopped reading. I used to ALWAYS get in trouble for reading my book at the dinner table whilst eating!! =P In my spare time i love to read, and my room is filled with books. I love to buy new ones, especially ones by my favourite authors Nicholas Sparks or Jodi Picoult. I have a soft spot for Harry Potter books too!! Haha. I have a book case in my room over flowing. As you can see from the picture that the two shelves on top are not just one row filled, but there's a whole other row of books behind the ones you can see!! (You might need to click to make it bigger to see the full effect)

Anyway, as you can tell how much i love books you can just imagine how devastated i was when i went to read an awesome one i have the other night and it was GONE!! Straight away i went into a mad fenzy and pulled out every single book from the book case looking for it, but it was no where to be found!
I asked everyone in the family if they had seen it, most didn't know WHAT book i was talking about!!!
I then searched the shelf in my wardrobe that has books but it wasn't there either! So i searched every book case in the house. The one in the lounge room= NOPE! The one in Morgan's room=NOPE! The one in the boy's room=NOPE! The one in the family room=NOPE!! The piles of books in mum and dad's room=NOPE!! (They should really get a book case for the piles of books in their room) ...

I still couldn't find it!!!

It was at this point i decided to pray about it. So i did, and i kept getting prompted to look in mum and dad's room again. I asked them both but they hadn't seen it. I searched and searched their room and there was nothing of note, apart from a tin of tuna next to dad's bedside table amongust his paper work. A mid night snack perhaps???!!! LOL!

ANYWAY! This went on for days, i prayed and prayed and prayed!! I kept getting told to look in mum and dad's room but still nothing!! In the end today i had enough. I was laying on the couch talking to mum and Morgan and saying "Oh Heavenly Father doesn't even care about me anymore, i prayed and prayed about my book and i STILL cant find it!" (What a sook!!!! lol)
And just then Morgan jumps up and says "I know where it is!!" and runs off. We watched her run into mum and dad's room and heard a door open then she came running back triumphant! MY BOOK!!! She said that when i was complaining that she was told where it was. In the cupboard of the cabinet in mum and dad's ensuite!!! I only looked in there briefly coz no one uses it because there's not toilet or shower or anything (still being built!), but there it was!!!! I couldn't believe it!! I was SO happy!! I have been dying to read it!

Since i wasn't following the promptings and looking properly Heavenly Father had to tell Morgan where it was. I learnt a very important lesson today: to listen and watch even more closely for the answers to my prayers. I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers, but it is usually through another person that he meets our needs (Spencer W Kimball said that last part). I learnt that Heavenly Father really does work in mysterious ways!!!
I am sooo happy to have my book back i love my books!!!! I guess you can call me a nerd ;)

The cause of all this madness: "The Head Book" by John Marsden. It's a little book filled with all sorts of imformation about history (I LOVE history!) and cool words, and all sorts of other random things! I suggest to read it!!! =D

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The Kings said...

That's awesome!

Country/City Boy said...

Brilliant, it's funny that it ended up where it did, good on Morgan

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