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Friday, October 30, 2009

SO, this post is mainly just to keep somebody quiet!! They have been commenting on how i should do a post about this, and dropping some not so subtle hints about how THEY want to do a post about it on the Young Womens blog... ;) So to keep her quiet here it is:

Lets set the scene a little so you know what is going on:

As you may or may not know as a stake Young Womens activity we had a boot camp! It was awesome fun and we really loved it!! As we had been taking photos with the YW leaders because we totally drenched them in the water fight we were the last to leave the "camp site"... As Sacha was taking down a little boot camp sign from the gate we overtook them =) When we got to the end of Porters Road i saw a big boot camp sign sticking in the gravel.. I just randomly said "Hey we should SO steal their sign!" The next thing i know Jayne has slammed on the brakes and said "GO!!" So Tayla and i leap out of the car and race to the sign and pull it out.. We were tripping over and in all the excitement i got a LOT of the gravel stuff in my shoes! Anyway, we could hear their (the YW leaders) car approaching so we were scrambling to fit the sign in the boot!!! We got it in and pulled away just as they were driving up.. I wish i could have seen the look on their faces when they saw it was missing!!!!

I decided to stir things up a bit by sending them all a text via Lisa saying "Is the stake yw presidency misssing something???" Almost immediately i recieved a reply along the lines of "Yes!! We want our sign back, we need it" .. Yes i can hear you ask, for what!!?? I thought the same thing and decided to make it interesting.. While i was plotting my brilliant plan i recieved ANOTHER text this time saying "Sacha says its $80 or the sign back" ..
I thought to myself "hmm this sign must be fairly valuable and important to them!!" So instead of giving it back i came up with a better idea!!! But first i offered them Ransom.. Which, mind you, was only a block of chocolate to myself and Tayla, and a LOT of sucking up and being nice to the both of us, but alas they didn't want to pay that!!! (I think this has something to do with wanting to pay us back for drenching them in the water fight and getting them despite them knowing when it was, and they cant do this if they are being nice to us!!)
The ransom was refused!!! SO, i told them that the boot camp sign will be appearing regularly but not within their clutches, and to keep an eye on my blog and Facebook for ... "The adventures of the travelling boot camp sign!"
The sign has been fairly busy over the last week! He has had a few adventures.. He visited a few places, and the ones that were tricky to figure out where he was, people had to guess. There is always a photo to accompany his adventure!!! The adventures are totally random and where he ends up pretty much depends on my moods! =)

The first adventure was on the way to school on Monday morning.. I sometimes drive the old highway when i am leaving a bit later as it is the time people are off to work and too many cars get piled up behind me! So we are driving along looking for something cool to take a picture of with the sign.. And i saw this church off down a random little road, i have seen it many times and always wanted to go up close. This was the perfect opportunity!! I HAD to stop there as i could hear Booty in the back yelling out, "i want to stop here, i want to stop here!!" So off we went and took our first photo!! Check him out working it for the camera- HOT stuff!!!! ;)

The second adventure was not too long after the first, on Tuesday!!! We had to go to the cemetary for Young Womens and do a quiz thingy.. Booty wanted to come along too! We all piled into the cars, but poor old Booty had to squash in the boot as too many Young Women decided to jump in the awesome red car!!! He wanted a photo straight away and wasn't impressed with my silly antics of trying to set up a good picture!!! He was even less impressed with my antics of rolling around on the grass trying to get a good one of me not looking too silly!! We got there in the end though and ended up with a VERY stunning photo of the two of us!!! =D Booty then wanted to wait in the car because he got very cold, and was very embarrassed that i was dancing, yes that's right, DANCING with him across the gravel to the car, because he realised there was a woman sitting in her little purple car watching it all =D

Booty rested on Wednesday (He was tired from being up late watching "Packed to the rafters") and then again on Thursday because he was up so late studying!!!
Friday on the other hand was completely different!!!! He was up early with me and all set to come to the gym! He started crying when i explained that he had to wait in the car because two of the very people we were trying to avoid were in the "Attack" class we were attending!! Those two people were none other than Lisa King and Sarah Parsons! I just couldn't let him come in- i feared for his safety!! They would have been sure to kidnap him and lock him away-isolated from the world!!!!
When i returned to the car he was still sobbing-it broke my heart! But alas, i had to be tough on him or he will never learn that sometimes we cant do everything we want...
A fresh wave of tears started to flow when i told him we had to go up to school for a little while to watch the "review" and he had to again wait in the car. I consoled him by telling him we would soon be going to visit his favourite place in the whole world. The house of King!!!!!!
When we pulled up Booty got very excited when he realised where we were!! (For security purposes and the safety of the King family the address of their house while remain aloof and confidential and will only be referred to as "Somewhere in Newstead")... Booty was climbing out of the car before i had even put on the hand break!!! Before we could go and have a little play in his favourite part of the King mansion, we just HAD to get a photo out the front! He was VERY impatient and was concerned for the safety of the photogropher who was standing in the middle of the road!!!
Booty was very nervous for his own safety and the safety of myself as Pitbull King is a very scary woman and would most likely make us do 20 push ups on our toes for tresspassing on her property!!!! He was somewhat comforted when i reminded him that the Royals themselves were visiting with their long lost brother-another King!!
Booty decided that since the Kings of Newstead and the King of Pop were out partaying to such beats as "Billy Jean" and "Beat It" that we may as well stay longer and have a play in the new wing of the King castle that has just been added. Booty was begging me to let the Prince's of the King family to come and join our tea party but i was too mean and told him no- i was afraid they would blab it all to the King and Queen!! He was upset again- but got over it quickly when i reminded him of where we were going next!!!
Booty and I then piled back into the car to continue our adventure!!
I have strict instructions from Booty himself that i do NOT release any more of his photos just yet! He needs the publicity to die down- he has been getting many many phone calls and texts about his photos! He has another 20 photos lined up ready for release to the press- but not just yet! He wants you to stay tuned and check this space regularly for updates on his adventures!!

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The Kings said...

Oh that is funny. He is crying because he is missing the stake YW presidency and wants to be returned! :)

Can't wait to see where he turns up next.

Country/City Boy said...

Hahahaha, that was hilarious, made my morning start off with a smile. Can't wait to see the next photos of where he wants to go next

Unknown said...

I was laughing so hard reading your adventures with Booty that everyone here was asking what I was doing! I can't wait to read more and see more adventures of Booty real soon!


Dubli-smartshopping said...

This is soooo cool you guys are nuts!...I love it and the fun you are havin with booty!...pitbull King aye?....Lisa must be a bit different from the quiet purring pussy cat she was in school?...very shy and meek...lol...I have had a great laugh following Booty look forward to future updates ;-)
Cristy Hall :-)

The Jacks said...

Hahaha... Lisa, quiet?? WHAT?! She can be a scary woman with a whistle and some war paint!! (See her boot camp post) THAT is why she is called pit bull =P

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