.Sunny Friday.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Today i woke up and it was a beautiful day!! =) The sun was shinning and since i didnt have anything important on at school i thought i would stay home! =) First i had to go out at 7:15am to drop Morgan to the bus stop (Sucker!), i then went out at 8:15am to go to Woolies to get the boys some food for their lunches (We NEVER have food on a Friday!)...
When i got back i found my cat Kuta in our old dog's kennel having a sleep. He woke up when i went over though. Look at all that sun at 8:30 in the morning!!!

He's about 14 years or so, he's getting old!!!
I then went up the street at about 11-ish to get some skin care stuff from Woolies (You'd think i live there or something!) , whilst out i had to check the mail, so i decided that i'd park down the bottom of the street and walk up to do the jobs i needed to do. It was such a lovely morning, with noone around at this time, i just had to take a picture or two, it was sooo beautiful, but they are poor quality coz they were taken on my phone!
Sometimes i love living in a small town, when i went into the post office and handed them our parcel slip they didnt even need to ask what our box number is! Then when i dropped Chey's watch at the jewelers i didnt even have to leave my name!! =P

When i was up the street for the third time today i went to get mum and I some lunch... We got delicious chicken rolls from "Chillies" How good do they look?! If you are in Deloraine i suggest Chillies for lunch ;)

I was craving some creaming soda.. The yum shweppes one though, not the horrible pink one from Woolies!!!
Mum and I watched "Mean Girls" while the day care kids were napping, and then the boys arrived home from school. So i went outside to play basketball with them. Jory was cracking me up because when he came in instead of saying hello he said
"Look what i got today! I was on a team "the dogs" and we won and got wizz fizzes!"
This is how excited Jory was to have a Wizz Fizz. LOL.

He ended up with it all over himself!!!

As we were playing basketball i decided to have a turn on Jory's tractor, Chey couldn't resist grabbing my phone and taking a picture or two!

Chey with his basketball.

And again. Look at the beautiful blue sky!!!

Jory then decided it was time to do skids on his bike on the new concrete. Uh oh!!

And that is how i spent a beautiful sunny Tassie day!!!
Bring on more of these please!!!!
Oh yeah, apologies for the quality of the photos they were all taken on my phone =)

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The Kings said...

Isn't it nice to have the sun again!! If you go into 'edit posts' now you can delete the pic. That happens to me sometimes. I just save what I'm doing, get out of it without publishing and then go into edit posts. Once you get back into it you can delete it ok.

Jess [Bradbury] Wheeler said...

Naaaw. Its so lovely to see a) nice weather in tassie, and b) families playing together.
Keep blogging mak, keeps me up to date (this and facebook lol) :P
Much love,
Jess xxoo


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