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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

As i am an art student i am constantly looking at things and people and visualising them as art work. We can do whatever we want in art class (Advantages of not doing pre tertiarty art!), but occasionally we will be set a task to complete. Our latest one is a 30cm by 30cm board. We were given this and told to "go" . I was a bit lost because each piece of work i have produced this year have all been in different styles and mediums (which is the materials like paint, etc).
Mrs Crawford handed me 3 art books and told me to mark things i like and go from there. I found some great pictures, but i especially like this picture below. I like the style and colours. So i decided to use my 30 by 30 and create something in this style. I thought about people i know and chose someone i thought would work well.
Through a lot of tricky things like Photoshop, tracing paper and carbon paper (magic stuff!!) I was able to turn a photo into a cartoon! This is the style i was creating my picture in:

I was really happy with my picture all the way through... UNTIL i got to the stage of painting the hair. I am really not sure if i like the whole picture now. Mrs Crawford is always going on about how we have to evaluate our work and see what we are happy with and what can be improved. I have decided that i am not happy with it because of the hair colour. It is a cartoon but now it looks like she has blonde hair. Plus because it is a cartoon i have eliminated all of her laughter lines, which has taken away the essence of her face. I am contemplating adding them in anyway to make it look more like her. Also i need to add pupils but i am a bit nervous to do that and i need my teachers help. This is the picture almost completed. It just needs the pupils and maybe the touch up to the laughter lines... But im not sure yet.
I dont really know if i like it, and im hoping the person it is isnt too unhappy with it coz im not too sure if it looks enough like her!!!!

Can anyone guess who it is???!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I Know, i know i know!

The Kings said...

I like it because I have no laughter lines! :)

The Jacks said...

Mum, i know that you know!!!

Lisa- it doesnt look like you though!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was Lisa.
Well done!!
Love Lorraine.

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