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Monday, October 26, 2009

Yeah yeah i know- ANOTHER post about myself!!! I really havn't been doing anything exciting! I am flat out with school and work at the moment until exams are over.
I did go to Boot Camp on the weekend, but there is no way i could out do the blogger queen with a post about that, so if you want to read about it go here.

So, my bedroom is pretty crowded! It is filled with all sorts of interesting stuff that i have aquired! I just love the things i have everywhere =)
My favourite things have to be things that people have given me, gifts, and things they have made for me. I LOVE things that mean something... The best present someone could give me would be a book i really wanted or something they've made, or a framed photo of an awesome time we had together or something like that.. Sure perfume is nice and all but seriously i get over that sort of thing =)

I think my very favourite thing would have to be my pin board. It is filled with all sorts of random things. Photos, ribbons from special events, and LOTS of little handouts with sayings on them from Young Womens lessons. You should probably make it bigger to see how awesome it really is! ;)
Ok so i just realised out of all the photos on here this is the only one that wont go bigger!!!

Ah yes, the Edward Cullen poster... I am not even slightly ashamed to say that it is on the wall above my bed =) Yes it is lamenated to protect it, and yes i know he is only a fictional character but i love him! =P If you've read the books you will understand what i am saying!!!

A picture of me!! This beauty only cost me $10 in Queensland somewhere at some market.. (It was a few years back now!) The guy drew me as a cartoon-pretty cool!!!

Ah yes, my wardrobe door.. It has a random asortment of art work. Top left- an etching print i made, top right- a picture Kiara painted me, bottom left- a church poster, bottom right- President Hinckley's "be.." poster...

On top of my right hand wardrobe door live a family of cats. A mummy and her three kittens. My great grandfather made them with his own two hands (NO this isn't just one of my silly stories!) But they dont have names. Aren't they cool?!

This sign here was a "gift" from a friend of mine... Im not sure about it though... There seems to be a blank space above one of the classroom doors at school, between the rooms Humanitites 22 and Humanities 24... Hmmm...

We made these beautiful signs in young womens... Painted it myself =)

The sister missionaries gave me this photo when i was baptised, it was soo sweet =)

My friend Elly made me this mirror for my birthday a few years back. Isn't it just awesome??! I LOVE it!!

My friend Georgina painted me this masterpiece last year =) It is a painting all about the year 2008- supposedly the 'best year of our life' ... Cool painting though.

Ah... The top of my book case. The spot where i keep my jewelery and perfume and 'pretty things' .. Doesn't it look so nice and girly? ;)

My door!!! Wicked wooden letters that we covered in pretty paper in young womens. Thanks for giving our leaders the idea
Toni!! =)

A cute little tile from the stake young womens presidency... It reminds us of the youth theme for the year. "Let no man despise thy youth, but be thou and example of the believers, in word in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity" It's actually a little tile, and is awesome! =)

The spot above where i sleep on my bed... Some photos, mirrors, the virtue song, and a cute card about angels...

And last but not least... My bedside table!!! The place where the contents of my pockets get emptied every night, and lots of random things build up until i decide to clear it off again. As you can see there is hair bands, lip gloss, drink bottle, panadol etc. Random as. Love it =)

There's a mini insight into my bedroom! =) I know my posts are getting boring- im working on it!!!

And those are a few of my favourite things!! =)

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The Kings said...

not boring - its cool to see all the stuff that mean a lot to you. I LOVE that you have lots of church stuff around. Isn't the tile that Toni made so cool!! I love mine too.

Country/City Boy said...

You have a photo with the Blogger queen, how did she let that one slip through?

The Jacks said...

She probably hasnt noticed hahaha.

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