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Friday, October 23, 2009

So, tonight i have tried to upload photos of three different events from the past week-but not one lot of photos worked. So you're stuck with this post =D It is another riviting post "about me" =) I am calling it "7 Things" because 7 is a random number that i picked while thinking of writing this, no other reason than that. Today isn't the 7th month, It's not the 7th of October and it definately isn't 7 o'clock... How much of this does anyone actually know? ;)

7 Things... i love to do:
1. Create art
2. Read books
3. Play basketball
4. Go to church
5. Dream about the future
6. Write... In my journal or blog
7. Play guitar

7 Things... i like to eat:
1. Pizza
2. Kiwi fruit
3. Bubbly chocolate
4. Magoes
5. Nutella on toast
6. Cabana & cheese on buscuits
7. Tuna caserole (and i HATE fish!)

7 Things... i want to do before i die:
1. Get married
2. Have children
3. Build a tree house
4. Read The Book of Mormon in a different language
5. Sky dive
6. Walk the Kokoda Track!!!
7. Beat Morgan in a wrestle

7 Things... i like to drink:
1. Creaming Soda
2. Strawberry milk
3. Pine Lime cordial
4. Water
5. Milo
6. Juice!!
7. That delicious drink i had at The Prickley Cactus one night!!

7 People... i want to marry:
1. Jake Gyllenhaal
2. Johnny Depp
3. Brad Pitt
4. Matt Damon
5. Edward Cullen
6. Jacob Black (YES i AM aware that they are both fictional characters!)
7. That REALLY hot guy that came into Woolies a few months ago and asked for directions to Cradle Mountain...

7 Movies i could watch over and over...
1. The Notebook
2. Titanic
3. Hot Chick
4. Mean Girls
5. The Devil's Arithmetic
6. P.S. I love you
7. Dirty Dancing

7 Things... i love (besides my family and church):
1. Little old ladies at my checkout who are SO cute! Greating me with a "hello sweetie"
2. Cuddles!!
3. Random acts of kindness
4. History
5. Summer holidays
6. Random road trips
7. Learning new things

7 things... i hate:
1. The sound it makes when you scrape a knife or fork on a plate!!!!
2. People saying 'was' when they should've said 'were'
3. People who abuse me in Woolies
4. People who don't indicate when driving on a round about!!!!!
5. A messy bedroom
6. Feeling unfit
7. People who pack the bags crap in Woolies, CLEARLY milk does NOT go in with eggs!!!

7 things... i get called:
1. Makayla (duh!)
2. Maka
3. Mickey G
4. Mak
5. Mak dog
6. Big Mak
7. Alfy (Not a fan of this one!)

7 people i admire:
1. Mum!
2. Jayne Christie
3. Lisa King
4. Toni Coward
5. Louise Triffitt
6. Kathy Harris
7. Simone Triffitt
8. Ms Owers (my tutor/homeroom teacher)
(Yes i know there is 8- i couldnt miss anyone out ;)

7 places i want to visit:
1. Scotland
2. England
3. Utah
4. Thailand
5. Egypt
6. Lizard island
7. France

7 most important things i have learnt in my life:
1. Do NOT just yank the vacumm cleaner chord out-pull it from the knoby bit, you WILL blow up the vacumm cleaner!!!
2. Do NOT turn a light switch on whilst you are dripping wet and also standing in water-you WILL get a shock!
3. Do NOT touch an electric fence 'just to test if it is on' - you will also get a shock!
4. The best things in life are free =D
5. Prayers will ALWAYS be answered
6. You are never alone.
7. No matter what- life goes on

I could go on... But i better stop =) There you go- a fantastic list of a lot of "7 things" about me! I hope you enjoyed it ;)

The photo is nothing to do with 7- When it was taken I had just gotten home from the gym and it was raining and i was packing up outside =)

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The Kings said...

Cool post! I'm still cracking up at you wanting to marry the guy who came into Woolies! I'm sure he was an RM right? ;D

The Jacks said...

Oh yeah totally Lisa!!! ;)
The girls were like "you so just gave him directions to your house not cradle mountain!" =P

make it perfect said...

oh, so cool!
its good to record things like this - you will like reading it in a few years time!
i admire you too :)

(shock! i just commented on your blog!!)

Anonymous said...

Morgan said she doesn't think your ever going to beat her in a wrestle?!

The Kings said...

LOVE your new header! :) Sam took some awesome photos despite rolling around on the ground like an idiot! ;)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm so you dont admire me?? pff fine then ill NEVER let you beat me at a wrestle!! ((:

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