.Travelling Boot Camp sign!

Friday, October 30, 2009

SO, this post is mainly just to keep somebody quiet!! They have been commenting on how i should do a post about this, and dropping some not so subtle hints about how THEY want to do a post about it on the Young Womens blog... ;) So to keep her quiet here it is:

Lets set the scene a little so you know what is going on:

As you may or may not know as a stake Young Womens activity we had a boot camp! It was awesome fun and we really loved it!! As we had been taking photos with the YW leaders because we totally drenched them in the water fight we were the last to leave the "camp site"... As Sacha was taking down a little boot camp sign from the gate we overtook them =) When we got to the end of Porters Road i saw a big boot camp sign sticking in the gravel.. I just randomly said "Hey we should SO steal their sign!" The next thing i know Jayne has slammed on the brakes and said "GO!!" So Tayla and i leap out of the car and race to the sign and pull it out.. We were tripping over and in all the excitement i got a LOT of the gravel stuff in my shoes! Anyway, we could hear their (the YW leaders) car approaching so we were scrambling to fit the sign in the boot!!! We got it in and pulled away just as they were driving up.. I wish i could have seen the look on their faces when they saw it was missing!!!!

I decided to stir things up a bit by sending them all a text via Lisa saying "Is the stake yw presidency misssing something???" Almost immediately i recieved a reply along the lines of "Yes!! We want our sign back, we need it" .. Yes i can hear you ask, for what!!?? I thought the same thing and decided to make it interesting.. While i was plotting my brilliant plan i recieved ANOTHER text this time saying "Sacha says its $80 or the sign back" ..
I thought to myself "hmm this sign must be fairly valuable and important to them!!" So instead of giving it back i came up with a better idea!!! But first i offered them Ransom.. Which, mind you, was only a block of chocolate to myself and Tayla, and a LOT of sucking up and being nice to the both of us, but alas they didn't want to pay that!!! (I think this has something to do with wanting to pay us back for drenching them in the water fight and getting them despite them knowing when it was, and they cant do this if they are being nice to us!!)
The ransom was refused!!! SO, i told them that the boot camp sign will be appearing regularly but not within their clutches, and to keep an eye on my blog and Facebook for ... "The adventures of the travelling boot camp sign!"
The sign has been fairly busy over the last week! He has had a few adventures.. He visited a few places, and the ones that were tricky to figure out where he was, people had to guess. There is always a photo to accompany his adventure!!! The adventures are totally random and where he ends up pretty much depends on my moods! =)

The first adventure was on the way to school on Monday morning.. I sometimes drive the old highway when i am leaving a bit later as it is the time people are off to work and too many cars get piled up behind me! So we are driving along looking for something cool to take a picture of with the sign.. And i saw this church off down a random little road, i have seen it many times and always wanted to go up close. This was the perfect opportunity!! I HAD to stop there as i could hear Booty in the back yelling out, "i want to stop here, i want to stop here!!" So off we went and took our first photo!! Check him out working it for the camera- HOT stuff!!!! ;)

The second adventure was not too long after the first, on Tuesday!!! We had to go to the cemetary for Young Womens and do a quiz thingy.. Booty wanted to come along too! We all piled into the cars, but poor old Booty had to squash in the boot as too many Young Women decided to jump in the awesome red car!!! He wanted a photo straight away and wasn't impressed with my silly antics of trying to set up a good picture!!! He was even less impressed with my antics of rolling around on the grass trying to get a good one of me not looking too silly!! We got there in the end though and ended up with a VERY stunning photo of the two of us!!! =D Booty then wanted to wait in the car because he got very cold, and was very embarrassed that i was dancing, yes that's right, DANCING with him across the gravel to the car, because he realised there was a woman sitting in her little purple car watching it all =D

Booty rested on Wednesday (He was tired from being up late watching "Packed to the rafters") and then again on Thursday because he was up so late studying!!!
Friday on the other hand was completely different!!!! He was up early with me and all set to come to the gym! He started crying when i explained that he had to wait in the car because two of the very people we were trying to avoid were in the "Attack" class we were attending!! Those two people were none other than Lisa King and Sarah Parsons! I just couldn't let him come in- i feared for his safety!! They would have been sure to kidnap him and lock him away-isolated from the world!!!!
When i returned to the car he was still sobbing-it broke my heart! But alas, i had to be tough on him or he will never learn that sometimes we cant do everything we want...
A fresh wave of tears started to flow when i told him we had to go up to school for a little while to watch the "review" and he had to again wait in the car. I consoled him by telling him we would soon be going to visit his favourite place in the whole world. The house of King!!!!!!
When we pulled up Booty got very excited when he realised where we were!! (For security purposes and the safety of the King family the address of their house while remain aloof and confidential and will only be referred to as "Somewhere in Newstead")... Booty was climbing out of the car before i had even put on the hand break!!! Before we could go and have a little play in his favourite part of the King mansion, we just HAD to get a photo out the front! He was VERY impatient and was concerned for the safety of the photogropher who was standing in the middle of the road!!!
Booty was very nervous for his own safety and the safety of myself as Pitbull King is a very scary woman and would most likely make us do 20 push ups on our toes for tresspassing on her property!!!! He was somewhat comforted when i reminded him that the Royals themselves were visiting with their long lost brother-another King!!
Booty decided that since the Kings of Newstead and the King of Pop were out partaying to such beats as "Billy Jean" and "Beat It" that we may as well stay longer and have a play in the new wing of the King castle that has just been added. Booty was begging me to let the Prince's of the King family to come and join our tea party but i was too mean and told him no- i was afraid they would blab it all to the King and Queen!! He was upset again- but got over it quickly when i reminded him of where we were going next!!!
Booty and I then piled back into the car to continue our adventure!!
I have strict instructions from Booty himself that i do NOT release any more of his photos just yet! He needs the publicity to die down- he has been getting many many phone calls and texts about his photos! He has another 20 photos lined up ready for release to the press- but not just yet! He wants you to stay tuned and check this space regularly for updates on his adventures!!

.A few of my favourite things...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Yeah yeah i know- ANOTHER post about myself!!! I really havn't been doing anything exciting! I am flat out with school and work at the moment until exams are over.
I did go to Boot Camp on the weekend, but there is no way i could out do the blogger queen with a post about that, so if you want to read about it go here.

So, my bedroom is pretty crowded! It is filled with all sorts of interesting stuff that i have aquired! I just love the things i have everywhere =)
My favourite things have to be things that people have given me, gifts, and things they have made for me. I LOVE things that mean something... The best present someone could give me would be a book i really wanted or something they've made, or a framed photo of an awesome time we had together or something like that.. Sure perfume is nice and all but seriously i get over that sort of thing =)

I think my very favourite thing would have to be my pin board. It is filled with all sorts of random things. Photos, ribbons from special events, and LOTS of little handouts with sayings on them from Young Womens lessons. You should probably make it bigger to see how awesome it really is! ;)
Ok so i just realised out of all the photos on here this is the only one that wont go bigger!!!

Ah yes, the Edward Cullen poster... I am not even slightly ashamed to say that it is on the wall above my bed =) Yes it is lamenated to protect it, and yes i know he is only a fictional character but i love him! =P If you've read the books you will understand what i am saying!!!

A picture of me!! This beauty only cost me $10 in Queensland somewhere at some market.. (It was a few years back now!) The guy drew me as a cartoon-pretty cool!!!

Ah yes, my wardrobe door.. It has a random asortment of art work. Top left- an etching print i made, top right- a picture Kiara painted me, bottom left- a church poster, bottom right- President Hinckley's "be.." poster...

On top of my right hand wardrobe door live a family of cats. A mummy and her three kittens. My great grandfather made them with his own two hands (NO this isn't just one of my silly stories!) But they dont have names. Aren't they cool?!

This sign here was a "gift" from a friend of mine... Im not sure about it though... There seems to be a blank space above one of the classroom doors at school, between the rooms Humanitites 22 and Humanities 24... Hmmm...

We made these beautiful signs in young womens... Painted it myself =)

The sister missionaries gave me this photo when i was baptised, it was soo sweet =)

My friend Elly made me this mirror for my birthday a few years back. Isn't it just awesome??! I LOVE it!!

My friend Georgina painted me this masterpiece last year =) It is a painting all about the year 2008- supposedly the 'best year of our life' ... Cool painting though.

Ah... The top of my book case. The spot where i keep my jewelery and perfume and 'pretty things' .. Doesn't it look so nice and girly? ;)

My door!!! Wicked wooden letters that we covered in pretty paper in young womens. Thanks for giving our leaders the idea
Toni!! =)

A cute little tile from the stake young womens presidency... It reminds us of the youth theme for the year. "Let no man despise thy youth, but be thou and example of the believers, in word in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity" It's actually a little tile, and is awesome! =)

The spot above where i sleep on my bed... Some photos, mirrors, the virtue song, and a cute card about angels...

And last but not least... My bedside table!!! The place where the contents of my pockets get emptied every night, and lots of random things build up until i decide to clear it off again. As you can see there is hair bands, lip gloss, drink bottle, panadol etc. Random as. Love it =)

There's a mini insight into my bedroom! =) I know my posts are getting boring- im working on it!!!

And those are a few of my favourite things!! =)

.7 Things...

Friday, October 23, 2009

So, tonight i have tried to upload photos of three different events from the past week-but not one lot of photos worked. So you're stuck with this post =D It is another riviting post "about me" =) I am calling it "7 Things" because 7 is a random number that i picked while thinking of writing this, no other reason than that. Today isn't the 7th month, It's not the 7th of October and it definately isn't 7 o'clock... How much of this does anyone actually know? ;)

7 Things... i love to do:
1. Create art
2. Read books
3. Play basketball
4. Go to church
5. Dream about the future
6. Write... In my journal or blog
7. Play guitar

7 Things... i like to eat:
1. Pizza
2. Kiwi fruit
3. Bubbly chocolate
4. Magoes
5. Nutella on toast
6. Cabana & cheese on buscuits
7. Tuna caserole (and i HATE fish!)

7 Things... i want to do before i die:
1. Get married
2. Have children
3. Build a tree house
4. Read The Book of Mormon in a different language
5. Sky dive
6. Walk the Kokoda Track!!!
7. Beat Morgan in a wrestle

7 Things... i like to drink:
1. Creaming Soda
2. Strawberry milk
3. Pine Lime cordial
4. Water
5. Milo
6. Juice!!
7. That delicious drink i had at The Prickley Cactus one night!!

7 People... i want to marry:
1. Jake Gyllenhaal
2. Johnny Depp
3. Brad Pitt
4. Matt Damon
5. Edward Cullen
6. Jacob Black (YES i AM aware that they are both fictional characters!)
7. That REALLY hot guy that came into Woolies a few months ago and asked for directions to Cradle Mountain...

7 Movies i could watch over and over...
1. The Notebook
2. Titanic
3. Hot Chick
4. Mean Girls
5. The Devil's Arithmetic
6. P.S. I love you
7. Dirty Dancing

7 Things... i love (besides my family and church):
1. Little old ladies at my checkout who are SO cute! Greating me with a "hello sweetie"
2. Cuddles!!
3. Random acts of kindness
4. History
5. Summer holidays
6. Random road trips
7. Learning new things

7 things... i hate:
1. The sound it makes when you scrape a knife or fork on a plate!!!!
2. People saying 'was' when they should've said 'were'
3. People who abuse me in Woolies
4. People who don't indicate when driving on a round about!!!!!
5. A messy bedroom
6. Feeling unfit
7. People who pack the bags crap in Woolies, CLEARLY milk does NOT go in with eggs!!!

7 things... i get called:
1. Makayla (duh!)
2. Maka
3. Mickey G
4. Mak
5. Mak dog
6. Big Mak
7. Alfy (Not a fan of this one!)

7 people i admire:
1. Mum!
2. Jayne Christie
3. Lisa King
4. Toni Coward
5. Louise Triffitt
6. Kathy Harris
7. Simone Triffitt
8. Ms Owers (my tutor/homeroom teacher)
(Yes i know there is 8- i couldnt miss anyone out ;)

7 places i want to visit:
1. Scotland
2. England
3. Utah
4. Thailand
5. Egypt
6. Lizard island
7. France

7 most important things i have learnt in my life:
1. Do NOT just yank the vacumm cleaner chord out-pull it from the knoby bit, you WILL blow up the vacumm cleaner!!!
2. Do NOT turn a light switch on whilst you are dripping wet and also standing in water-you WILL get a shock!
3. Do NOT touch an electric fence 'just to test if it is on' - you will also get a shock!
4. The best things in life are free =D
5. Prayers will ALWAYS be answered
6. You are never alone.
7. No matter what- life goes on

I could go on... But i better stop =) There you go- a fantastic list of a lot of "7 things" about me! I hope you enjoyed it ;)

The photo is nothing to do with 7- When it was taken I had just gotten home from the gym and it was raining and i was packing up outside =)

.Hoedown Throwdown Skills.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Morgan taught Jory the "Hoedown Throwdown" and now he has moves to rival that of Lisa King!!! ;)

What do you reckon??!!

.Young Women's Shenanigans.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Firstly- apologies for sooo many photos! But they are relevent to the post, and blogger is not being it's usual tepramental self tonight but instead is only taking about 2 seconds to upload 5 pictures so i took advantage of that ;)

For our first Young Women's activity with our new presidency, Louise, Deanne, and Emma, we were delighted to learn that we would be playing games. Not just any games, but AWESOME games, from the Ellen show!!!
Firstly we were divided into 2 teams by being given a number at random. Then we got straight into our first game! A member of each team were given a pair of stockings with a tennis ball at the end of one leg, and told to put it on their head. The aim of the game was to pull the stockings off the other person's head, without hands. Morgan and Lillie-Mae decided to give it a go!
After a LOT of spinning and a huge head bang Morgan came out the clear winner!

Ooops ive mucked up the order of the photos, but anyway the third game we played was one where you were in teams of two and Louise would call out something like "two hands, one knee, one nose, one head" and all those body parts must touch the floor. Jasmine lucked out with me as a partner because i was laughing WAY too much to do it properly and just had to stop to get photos!
Tayla and Bek

Morgan and Leia

Nerys and Pheobe
Our second game was in the foyer and my favourite game EVER! Two people were blind folded and taken outside where they had to eat Oreos off the window without any hands!!! SOOO much fun!!!!!


Leia again




Because there were so many Oreos two more people were able to have a go!!! Me and Bek! So Morgan cleaned the window, which was pointless coz we used the bottom ones anyway coz we didnt wana eat the cleaning product! ;)

I'm all set!

Not my best face ;)

Almost got one!!!

Bek cant beat me!!!

YES! I actually got one!!!!!

I think Emma was a bit overwhelmed by all the laughing ;)

Things got silly!!!
Then a player from each team were wrapped in towels and blindfolded and made to eat marshmallows on a string!!! Morgan got hers in like the first 2 seconds!!

Things then got calmer for a while as we played "humdinger" where a member from each team hummed a song and the first person to guess it gets the point.
The winners of the night got a block of Bubbly chocolate to share! It was NOT this team!!! ;) Louise was just nice and got one for both teams !! (Notice the BIG L for loser!)

The REAL winners! Don't we look tough!

It was our first YW with our new presidency and it was SO weird to not have Sister Jayne, but Louise is just fantastic as our president and is totally different to Jayne!! Our concellors are awesome too as they were in there playing the games with us laughing their heads off!!!!
There was non stop laughter the whole night and we had a great time! =) Louise is an AWESOME new president!!!!!

.Working in mysterious ways.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

SO, one of my favourite things ever are books!! I LOVE books i can NOT get enough!!! Ever since i was a little kid and learnt to read i haven't stopped reading. I used to ALWAYS get in trouble for reading my book at the dinner table whilst eating!! =P In my spare time i love to read, and my room is filled with books. I love to buy new ones, especially ones by my favourite authors Nicholas Sparks or Jodi Picoult. I have a soft spot for Harry Potter books too!! Haha. I have a book case in my room over flowing. As you can see from the picture that the two shelves on top are not just one row filled, but there's a whole other row of books behind the ones you can see!! (You might need to click to make it bigger to see the full effect)

Anyway, as you can tell how much i love books you can just imagine how devastated i was when i went to read an awesome one i have the other night and it was GONE!! Straight away i went into a mad fenzy and pulled out every single book from the book case looking for it, but it was no where to be found!
I asked everyone in the family if they had seen it, most didn't know WHAT book i was talking about!!!
I then searched the shelf in my wardrobe that has books but it wasn't there either! So i searched every book case in the house. The one in the lounge room= NOPE! The one in Morgan's room=NOPE! The one in the boy's room=NOPE! The one in the family room=NOPE!! The piles of books in mum and dad's room=NOPE!! (They should really get a book case for the piles of books in their room) ...

I still couldn't find it!!!

It was at this point i decided to pray about it. So i did, and i kept getting prompted to look in mum and dad's room again. I asked them both but they hadn't seen it. I searched and searched their room and there was nothing of note, apart from a tin of tuna next to dad's bedside table amongust his paper work. A mid night snack perhaps???!!! LOL!

ANYWAY! This went on for days, i prayed and prayed and prayed!! I kept getting told to look in mum and dad's room but still nothing!! In the end today i had enough. I was laying on the couch talking to mum and Morgan and saying "Oh Heavenly Father doesn't even care about me anymore, i prayed and prayed about my book and i STILL cant find it!" (What a sook!!!! lol)
And just then Morgan jumps up and says "I know where it is!!" and runs off. We watched her run into mum and dad's room and heard a door open then she came running back triumphant! MY BOOK!!! She said that when i was complaining that she was told where it was. In the cupboard of the cabinet in mum and dad's ensuite!!! I only looked in there briefly coz no one uses it because there's not toilet or shower or anything (still being built!), but there it was!!!! I couldn't believe it!! I was SO happy!! I have been dying to read it!

Since i wasn't following the promptings and looking properly Heavenly Father had to tell Morgan where it was. I learnt a very important lesson today: to listen and watch even more closely for the answers to my prayers. I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers, but it is usually through another person that he meets our needs (Spencer W Kimball said that last part). I learnt that Heavenly Father really does work in mysterious ways!!!
I am sooo happy to have my book back i love my books!!!! I guess you can call me a nerd ;)

The cause of all this madness: "The Head Book" by John Marsden. It's a little book filled with all sorts of imformation about history (I LOVE history!) and cool words, and all sorts of other random things! I suggest to read it!!! =D

.New style.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

As i am an art student i am constantly looking at things and people and visualising them as art work. We can do whatever we want in art class (Advantages of not doing pre tertiarty art!), but occasionally we will be set a task to complete. Our latest one is a 30cm by 30cm board. We were given this and told to "go" . I was a bit lost because each piece of work i have produced this year have all been in different styles and mediums (which is the materials like paint, etc).
Mrs Crawford handed me 3 art books and told me to mark things i like and go from there. I found some great pictures, but i especially like this picture below. I like the style and colours. So i decided to use my 30 by 30 and create something in this style. I thought about people i know and chose someone i thought would work well.
Through a lot of tricky things like Photoshop, tracing paper and carbon paper (magic stuff!!) I was able to turn a photo into a cartoon! This is the style i was creating my picture in:

I was really happy with my picture all the way through... UNTIL i got to the stage of painting the hair. I am really not sure if i like the whole picture now. Mrs Crawford is always going on about how we have to evaluate our work and see what we are happy with and what can be improved. I have decided that i am not happy with it because of the hair colour. It is a cartoon but now it looks like she has blonde hair. Plus because it is a cartoon i have eliminated all of her laughter lines, which has taken away the essence of her face. I am contemplating adding them in anyway to make it look more like her. Also i need to add pupils but i am a bit nervous to do that and i need my teachers help. This is the picture almost completed. It just needs the pupils and maybe the touch up to the laughter lines... But im not sure yet.
I dont really know if i like it, and im hoping the person it is isnt too unhappy with it coz im not too sure if it looks enough like her!!!!

Can anyone guess who it is???!!!!

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