.Young Womanhood recognition.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Well now that i have a photo from Lisa i can do this post.. Plus im procrastinating because my assignment deleted and i dont wana go write it again lol.

As i said in my last post i recieved my Young Womanhood Recognition. To be able to do this you have to complete 6 value projects and a ten hour project for each of the eight values. These are the values:

I just love this thing hanging on my wall, we all made one at the young
womens new beginning night. It's above my bed!!
The hardest ten hour project that i did was to read the whole Book of Mormon, like a little kid i printed off this reading chart from the net to encourage myself to fill it up by reading more!! ;)
My personal progress book =)

My necklace was lost in the mail and i didnt recieve it at the awards dinner, but it came in time for church the next day and was presented to me in sacrament meeting. I was a bit embarrassed because there were sooo many people there!!!

Lisa made me stand for a photo with my necklace ;) I'm glad she got one though.
Isn't she talented making me stand in front of the temple there?! ;)

I decided to get a silver one because i only wear silver or white gold jewellery, not normal gold. I just love it so much, it's so pretty!!!

I am really glad that i completed everything and gained my young womanhood recognition, i strengthened my testimony so much!! =)

Thank you Lisa for the photos =)

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Country/City Boy said...

Nice job Makayla

The Kings said...

You did so well getting it done so fast. Well done!!! It's great you completed it and that you got lots of out of doing it too.

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